Best Golf Balls for Women

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Review of the Best Ladies Golf Balls for 2021

Let’s talk about golf balls, and specifically golf balls for women.

Did you know there are over 800 different golf balls sold today? Crazy!

So, how do you choose and does it matter what type of golf ball you use? I think that depends. With so many options of golf balls on the market, you can pretty much find whatever you are looking for.

Here are the main differences or factors you can look at when deciding on which golf ball to use:

  • Do you want more distance?
  • Do you want more control on the greens?
  • Do you want more accuracy and straight shots?
  • Do you want a golf ball that feels right when you hit it?
  • Do you want a tour level ball that professional golf players use?
  • Do you want a golf ball that is affordable that you can lose and not care?
  • Are you a beginner, mid handicapper, or scratch golfer?
  • Do you have a slow or fast swing speed?
  • Do you want to be able to see the ball easier?
  • Do you like a certain look of a golf ball?
  • Do you like a certain brand?

Yes, that’s a lot to think about when choosing and purchasing golf balls. I have tried to make it easier by starting with the top 7 best golf balls for ladies, some of which are designed specifically for females.

The reason being is that women do tend to have on average slower swing speeds than men.

Having said that, I actually have switched recently from a women’s golf ball to a tour-level because I like the combined feel, distance, and accuracy I get from it. And it is an area that I have not looked into before to improve my golf game.

However, because of the higher cost, I typically use these only for tournaments and competitions.

On casual rounds, I use colored golf balls because they are more fun and I can see them better.

The beauty of having many options is that you can select the best golf ball for your game.

Here is a list with reviews of the best ladies’ golf balls. Scroll down further for frequently asked questions and a Guide on Ladies Golf Balls.

7 Best Women’s Golf Balls

Let’s look at these one by one.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball


The Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball is a great all-around golf ball for performance and affordability. It has a soft matte feel, and provides great distance and control. With low compression and low spin, it is great for senior golfers and women with slower swing speeds, and recreational golfers who are mid to high handicappers.

  • The Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Ball is Callaway’s premier soft golf ball.
  • Low compression for slower swing speeds.
  • Produces higher flighted golf shots.
  • Low spin for more accuracy on the fairway.
  • Great value.
  • Colors: yellow, bright pink, red, bright green,orange and white

Bridgestone e6 Lady Golf Ball

The Bridgestone E6 Lady Golf Ball is a soft golf ball designed specifically for ladies and women with slower swing speeds. It is a soft golf ball meant to provide long straighter distances. This Bridgestone golf ball replaces the previous Lady Precept model and comes in pink and white colors.

  • Bridgestone e6 Lady Golf Ball is a soft golf ball.
  • Produces a consistent and accurate shot.
  • Low compression.
  • Soft feel on the greens.
  • Helps provide more distance for slower swing speeds.
  • Colors: pink and white.

Titleist Velocity Golf Ball

The Titleist Velocity Golf Ball is made by one of the premier golf ball brands in the industry. In fact, their slogan is “#1 ball in golf”. This golf ball is great off the tee, providing good distance with a nice high launch. Compared to the pricier Tour-level ball by Titleist, this is a good value for a recreational mid to high handicapper looking for more distance with a slower swing speed.

  • Titleist Velocity Golf Ball provides greater distance.
  • Low spin helps with more accuracy on the golf shot.
  • Higher launch and flight.
  • Colors: pink, orange, green, white

Volvik Vivid Matte Golf Ball

The Volvik Vivid Matte Golf Ball is the original matte colored golf ball. Not only are they bright, fun and come in many different colors, they actually are performance golf balls as well. Compared to other golf balls I have listed here, these golf balls have a higher compression rate (80), and are good for higher mid-range swing speeds from 70 – 100 mph. Made with a 3 piece construction instead of 2 provides more distance and spin control on the greens.

  • Great quality golf ball with 3 piece construction.
  • Matte finish provides soft feel.
  • Mid compression and spin control.
  • Provides great distance for mid to high swing speeds.
  • Volvik brand is used in the World Long Drive Championship.
  • Bright vivid colors offers less glare, high visibility.
  • Colors: blue, bright green, bright pink, jade, black, white, purple, orange, red

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

The Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball is one of the top premier golf balls on the market. Many Tour Pros use them as well. If you are looking to improve your game or looking for a gift to give someone who may not want to spend the extra money, look no further. These golf balls are for higher swing speeds or more powerful swings as the compression rate is 90.

I have just switched to these amazing golf balls as I am hoping they will help my game. But, because I am also cost-conscious, I only use them in tournaments and competitive matches or when I find them on the course :).

They are known for providing amazing quality and overall distance, control on the greens and consistency in your golf shots.

  • Titleist ProV1 is one of the premier golf balls on the market and is Tour level quality.
  • Excellent distance with low spin for longer straighter shots.
  • Great combination of distance, control, and feel.
  • Great control on the green
  • Colors: white, yellow, pink

Vice Pro Soft Golf Ball

The Vice Pro Soft Golf Ball is not made by one of the major golf brands, but delivers an excellent quality golf ball at an affordable cost. The founders of Vice believed they could design and manufacture a better golf ball at a better price and decided to follow their passions for the game. The Vice Pro Soft Golf Ball is a 3 piece construction, has low compression for extraordinary distance and a very responsive feel around the greens.

  • Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls offer quality 3 piece construction at a good price.
  • Extraordinary distance, responsive feel.
  • Durable dimple design.
  • Matte finish
  • Colors: lime, red, white

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls

The Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Ball is one of the best values you can find. If you lose a lot of golf balls and yet still want great performance, this is a great golf ball. With a low compression rate of 50, it is designed for slower swing speeds so you can maximize the distance on your shots. The dimple design creates aerodynamics and low spin for straighter and more accuracy.

  • A soft golf ball with a compression rate of 50.
  • Great for slower swing speeds.
  • More distance and low spin for straighter shots.
  • Great value for performance.
  • 2 piece construction.
  • Good to use for colder temperatures.
  • Colors: white, orange, yellow, pinks and other colors

Final Recommendation

In trying out all these golf balls and knowing what they offer, my overall best pick of golf balls for women is the Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball. Mostly because of the overall value and price compared to the performance it provides and the great color options.

Frequently Asked Questions – Golf Ball Guide

Are there differences in men and women’s golf balls?

While anyone can use any kind of golf ball they want, golf ball manufacturers and brands do make golf balls specifically for women. These will mention the word “lady” or “women” in the name of the golf ball. For example, the Bridgestone E6 “Lady” Golf Ball which I reviewed above.

All this means is that they are marketing this golf ball specifically to women. But, how are these different than other golf balls? Most it has to do with swing speed. On average, women do tend to have slower swing speeds than men.

If you have a slower swing speed, you might want to look into using a golf ball with a low compression rate. As a female, you can use the “lady or women” golf balls, but you don’t need to. Just find a golf ball that matches your game or what you are looking for.

Should I get custom fit for golf balls?

We hear a lot about getting fitted for golf clubs. Did you know that you can also get fitted for a golf ball? With all the options available, why not? It is something to think about if you are serious about your golf game. And all the Tour Players definitely do this. in a nutshell, it is pretty much finding a golf ball that is best suited for your game, If you are a golfer looking for ways to take your game to the next level, you may want to consider which golf ball can help your game.

Here is a great article on what you can do to fit yourself and what to look for. Article

What are the key factors in choosing a golf ball?

While there are a lot of technical aspects to a golf ball, I think for simplicity sake, the most important factors we need to look at in choosing a golf ball are:

Compression and Swing Speed

Compression is what happens when a golf club hits the golf ball and compresses the ball at impact. A faster swing speed with more power will compress or flatten the golf ball more than a slower speed with less power. Those that compress the golf ball more need a golf ball that has a higher compression rate to handle the higher amount of force.

A fast swing speed higher than 100 needs a high compression golf ball of something like 80-90. Slower swing speeds need a low compression golf ball which will help increase the distance. Women on average have a swing speed of 70. Lower compression rates for slower swing speeds can really have an effect on increasing distance. These low compression rates fall between 45-70.

Softness and Feel

Some golf balls have a matte covering which gives them a gummy feeling when hitting the ball. Some are shiny, yet soft. This is a matter of what you prefer and how you like the “feel” of the golf ball when you hit it. Some of this depends again on the compression rate as well, but also on the material that is used for the covering. Golfers tend to have a preference of how they like their golf ball to feel either off the tee or on the green.

Spin and Accuracy

The spin on a golf ball is important. Having low spin will help keep your shots straighter and more accurate off the tee and on the long shots. However, low spin on the greens means the golf ball won’t check up or stop as well on your approach shots. Many low handicappers like a lot of spin on their high approach shots so they can control and even put backspin on their shots to the green.

So, what should recreational mid to high handicap golfers do? This leads to the next question.

Is distance or control more important in a golf ball?

That depends on what you want to get from your golf ball.

This can be a hard decision for mid handicappers. Do you go for more distance and straighter shots on the long game with low spin or do you go for more spin for your approach shots to the green and more control?

I guess it depends on what you want.

If you are a golfer with a fairly straight shot down the fairway and you keep it fairly low, you may want a ball that is going to give you more distance.

If you are a player that already has fairly good distance and can hit the ball with a fairly high launch into the air, you may want to look for a ball with more greenside spin and control.

Wrapping Up

Funny how one little golf ball can give you so much to think about. On most golfing days, I don’t pay all that much attention to the golf ball I use. Personally I like using soft colored balls because they are easier to see and I can distinguish them from others. I also like the feel of a softer golf ball, especially for chipping and putting.

For those days I am trying to score well or playing in a tournament, I love the fact that I can use a golf ball that helps give me more control on the greens. So I may switch it up and use a Titleist Pro V1 or Volvik Vivid Matte.

I hope this has helped you in figuring out golf ball questions and technology. It can be overwhelming but its also kind of fun to test out a few different ones and see which ones you gravitate towards. It could be the fun colors, or the way it feels on the green or the distance it provides. I always like finding lost golf balls and testing them as well.

Happy Golfing!


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