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Providing Golf Inspiration for Women’s Golf

1 year ago in 2019, I embarked on a golf journey of sorts. With a very strong passion and pretty much an addiction for golf, Lynn on the Links was born.

The mission: to inspire and mentor other women, ladies and girls to learn and play the game.

The funny things is, I had no real plan or path. Just a mission, a real interest in helping others and drive that has led me to create this website, Lynn on the Links.

And now one year into this amazing new adventure, I have realized that if I can help by inspiring others and help to navigate the crazy complex game that golf is, that’s a great thing.

It will be my part in helping to grow this beautiful game of golf.

Lynn on the Links – Ladies Golf Online Resource

The ultimate goal for Lynn on the Links is to be an online resource for ladies’ golf.

As this next year unfolds, more and more content and online golf resources will be added here to the website to help women golfers and lady golfers at all different levels.

Golf can be extremely challenging and is not an easy game to learn quickly. II’ve been playing golf for almost 30 years and am still learning different nuances to the game.

We each have our own personal golf journeys.

Wherever you are in your golf journey, Lynn on the Links will be here to help.

I was lucky to have had a few people in my life that made taking up the game much easier.

Too many women and girls don’t have that golf mentor or golf ambassador supporting, rooting, and cheering them along.

I would like Lynn on the Links to provide this place of support and guidance for female golfers.

Continuing along this path for me has only made my mission stronger over the past year. And I have so much planned for the future. Various areas of the website will include:

Beginner Golf Tips

I have started writing articles and helpful posts for beginner golfers. Through my experience in golf, I feel like beginner golfers, especially women, can feel intimidated and overwhelmed by golf’s complexities. I have started creating helpful guides and resources with beginner golf tips. The list will keep growing but here are a few articles to reference so far:

And if you are interested in our new Facebook Group, Beginner Golf for Women, head on over and join this private group for a more engaging and interactive experience. The purpose of this group is to build a community for support and help for new golfers.

Golf Instruction

Golf instruction and learning how to hit the golf ball is a key component of playing golf. Through my own experience, various social media connections, and being integrated into the golf industry, I have found many online instructors and resources that I will begin to post about and share with you here.

Golf lessons are important either in person in a private or group setting. However, I feel that online lessons, instruction, and videos can be extremely helpful as well. Maybe it is something you can use to complement other lessons or could be your sole way to learn.

Everyone learns differently, so having a good mix of options for golf instruction from different golf teachers can improve anyone’s game.

I am excited to be reviewing and sharing with you very soon a women’s golf program for those golfers looking for a guided 6-week practice routine that will help you get past any plateaus you may be on. And help you take your game to the next level. I am amazed by the robustness of this golf coaching program and all it has to offer.

There will be other programs and instructors that I will from time to time share and highlight if I feel they can be helpful.

So stay tuned!!

Women’s Golf Clubs & Equipment

Golf equipment that includes everything from drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, putters, specialized clubs, and golf balls has exploded over the last 20 years.

And honestly, it has become confusing to figure out what’s what, as well as staying up to speed on the newest technology and whether it is something that should be invested in or looked at to improve the golf game.

Technological advances in golf equipment have made the game of golf much more enjoyable. Over the past few years, there has been a lot of talk about limiting some of these advances, stating that it has improved an individual’s game too much so.

It is actually difficult to know what is being offered in the world of women’s golf. I find women’s and ladies’ golf club information a bit lacking.

Ladies golf clubs and equipment is an area that I hope to expand and continue to grow to help female golfers navigate this confusing area.

These posts and guides will be located in the Women’s Golf Clubs section, which contain a few helpful guides currently.

Women’s Golf Clothes and Accessories

I can’t have a women’s golf website and not include women’s or ladies golf clothes or fashion and accessories!

After having spent many of my young adult years golfing in fairly limited and boring outfits consisting of pleated khaki golf shorts and polo shirts, it is so much more fun to shop and find a variety of golf clothes for women.

I’ll take you through my recommendations and try to research the latest offerings in style, affordability, and comfort which I believe are all important when playing golf. Already I am finding a good amount of female entrepreneurs and fashion designers who are starting to offer some great options for ladies’ golf clothes.

I have a few women’s golf fashion posts here and plan to add much more to this section in the very near future.

Also, I recently added a listing of all the top resources I have suggested on many different posts. Sort of a catch-all of Best Accessories & Equipment which will continue to grow in the future.

Women in Golf

Part of my journey has included meeting many other women and individuals in the golf industry who have a very similar passion and mission. We are all doing our part to help grow the game, provide support, and to empower women and girls.

Here at Lynn on the Links, I will be highlighting these individuals who are contributing to the game in their own powerful ways. Be sure to read their stories, be inspired, and learn from them as you continue on your own golf journey.

Women’s Golf Support

This is just the beginning of what I have planned to help female golfers.

Providing women’s golf support is a big part in making us feel comfortable learning and playing this game.

And, I am so excited that you are here! It means you are a golfer, are interested in golfing, or just starting out.

Let’s come together and support each other in our golf journeys.

With this game, it is so important to do so!

Females only make up about 23% of all golfers according to the National Golf Foundation’s most recent statistics. So, with only a quarter of the golfing population, it can be hard to find others to connect with and resources.

I will continue to add more articles each week. Be sure to subscribe to my weekly email for updates, new post alerts, and special offerings. In doing so, you will also receive a Free Golf Guide on How To Play Your Best Round.

You can also find me on most of the social media outlets like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Also, if you have any ideas or questions, please feel free to post below in the comments section.

Thanks for visiting!


Women’s Golf Website – Lynn on the Links

Providing Golf Inspiration for Women’s Golf

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