10 Reasons Why You Should Play Golf

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The Benefits of Golf and Why People Love it So Much

When I meet up with friends and colleagues, our conversations always lead to the topic of golf.  

Mainly because people know that I love the game. And those that don’t play probably wonder “why does she have so much passion for it?”

When I really think about it, there are so many reasons – almost too many to mention.  But here are my top 10 reasons why people love the game and why you should give golf a try.  

1.  Golf is social and fun. 

While you can play as a single, playing with others is the key to why golf is so much fun.  I think the best thing about golf is that it is social.

Yes, golf is a sport and has been added to the Olympics, but it is also an activity and hobby for many of us recreational golfers.  And a great way to go out with friends, partners, kids and even grandparents. 

It is a wonderful connector and spans all generations, genders and levels of golfers. 

And we can’t forget about the 19th hole, aka the bar or restaurant where some of the best times are spent after a round of golf.  

2.  Golf has Become More Accessible.

Accessibility was a big issue for people who wanted to play golf in the past because you had to be a member of a private social or golf club. 

Today, there are many more ways to play and get into golf.

Simulator or indoor golf has exploded, as well as other variations of golf courses.

It is much easier now to find a local public or municipal golf course, an executive 9 hole course, a short par 3 course, or a stand-alone driving range and practice facility.

3.  Golf is valuable for business networking.

Golf is an incredible way to build business relationships and do business outside of the office. 

In an article from Forbes, 90% of Fortune 500 CEO’s play golf. 

In a survey of business professionals that play golf, 93% say that golfing with a business associate is a good way to establish a closer relationship.  80% agree that playing golf aids in establishing new business contacts. I

In my own experience, golf helped me build rapport with the top-level executives in my company in an informal setting away from the office.  Read how golf helped me in business especially as one of the only female golfers. 

4.  Golf is a wonderful way to get to know a person.

Much like in business, you can find out a lot about someone’s temperament, drive, social awareness, humor, and how they handle themselves on the golf course. 

My husband and I spent a good deal of time getting to know each other our first few years playing golf together. We figured out real fast how to play and accommodate the other on and off the course. 

Happy to say that we are still married after 20+ years and happily playing golf together as well!

5.  Golf is played outdoors and is a great way to exercise and stay active.

What is better than being able to spend time outside surrounded by beauty and nature?

Playing golf can burn calories and is a great form of exercise. 

Last summer, I committed to playing more golf and was able to lose 20 pounds and still have kept the weight off.  Read how I lost weight playing golf, eating healthy and keeping active

I found that when I was playing golf, I was not snacking and was much more active than at home.   

6.  Golf is challenging and rewarding and addicting.

Because golf is very challenging, it can also be extremely rewarding. 

Once you start to see improvements in your swing or golf game, watch out.  This is when many people become “hooked” and get the golf bug.

I feel the excitement before each round, thinking that maybe I’ll have a hole in one that day or maybe a personal best.  The idea that good things could happen when I am playing out on the course also drives me to practice more and want to improve. 

7.  You can play golf with any level player and ability.  

Anyone can play golf together no matter their ability. 

Since you are essentially playing against the course, less experienced players can play with more experienced players.  In fact, it is a great way to learn when you can play with someone more experienced. 

When I first started playing golf, I did not keep score. I played mostly better players and improved quickly because of this. 

In golf, the handicap system levels the playing field so you can compete with each other.

Handicap strokes are given based on a player’s level of consistent play.  It makes the game a lot more fun and attractive for all levels.   

8.  You can play golf competitively.

There are many golfers that like the competition, which drives their competitive juices. 

In general, golf is played with gamesmanship in mind. If you are playing with friends, you can play informal competitive games. 

If you belong to a league, there are matches and tournaments played each week. Competition is available in golf at any level.

These include tournaments in a league, club, golf course, as well as at the state, regional and national levels that you see on TV.  

9.  Golf travel and trips.

My husband and I have made it a mission to play golf wherever we travel.  On our honeymoon to Italy, we played golf on the island of Sardinia on a course called Pevero Golf Club which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. 

I lost a lot of golf balls that round, but it is not what I remember the most.

What I remember was the most beautiful view high above the majestic Mediterranean sea.  I felt so lucky to play there. 

Travel for golf is becoming a growing trend in golf not only for men but for women and couples too and is a great reason to travel and socialize.    

10.  There are many aspects to the game of golf.


I know a lot of golf fanatics who are just as passionate about the game as I am. 

But we all seem to enjoy the game of golf for different reasons.

One of my friends enjoys the competition and thrives on it so she plays in many local competitive tournaments. 

Another friend loves to travel and plays at amazing golf courses, with a mission to play the Top 100 courses around the world.

And another friend I recently met just returned from overseas playing in the World Golf Amateur Championship.  A fun competitive tournament meeting and competing against other golfers from around the world.   Here is the article on the World Golf Amateur Championship and Invitational.  


11. Bonus – Golf brings people together.

What I find the most interesting about golf is that while we may all have something different that we love about the game, golf brings people together and anyone can play together. 

I have seen grandparents playing with their grandchildren with much enjoyment, couples playing together, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons.

In this fast-paced electronic world, it is a game that brings you outdoors among nature with friends and family, away from the cell phones and computers, and hectic lifestyles and helps to create long-lasting memories and relationships.

If you have thought about getting started, do it now. You will be grateful you started.  Here is an article on how to get started in 7 easy steps.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Play Golf

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