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Golf Success Starts With That First Step


January is one of the coldest months here in the New England area of the United States.  Temperatures often dip down to the single digits for several weeks and it can be snowy as well.  But this past weekend, we had an amazingly warm two days.  

We even broke a record and temperatures hit 70 degrees in some places – crazy! 

When my husband asked me to golf, I actually was hesitant. 

Yes, I know.  Me, the passionate golfer, who loves golf more than anything was thinking about not going.  I was wrapped up in this blog and working a lot that morning.

Of course when he said ”what? Lynn on the Links not up for golfing when it’s going to be in the high 60’s?”  Ha ha ha, that got me moving.

The crazy part is once I got ready and we were on our way, I got really excited.  And once we started playing, I realized I had missed it so much and needed to be doing more during the winter.  

Taking that First Step to Succes

I have golfed twice in the last 2 months.  More than I usually do during the winter, so I’m happy that I actually haven’t officially put the clubs away.  

But, my body certainly felt the awkwardness and tightness when swinging the golf club. Ugggh.

Not only was my tempo, and rhythm gone, I felt so inflexible and rigid in my swing on the first tee. 

My body did start to relax a couple of holes later as I eased back into my swing. It was like riding a bicycle, my body knew what to do but just felt rusty. 

We ended up playing 10 holes in total and in the end, I was happy, tired and once again excited about golf. I was already planning in my head what I need to do this winter to get ready for the spring golf season.  

This happens to most of us.  Out of sight, out of mind. Once you stop doing something, you tend to forget.  Even those of us who are passionate about a certain hobby or activity. Breaks are good too though.  But just not too long of a break. 

The First Step to Success


I know there are so many people who are interested in playing golf but never seem to take that first step.  Maybe you want to improve upon something like tennis or golf but you can’t quite seem to get to the courts or the driving range or indoor simulator to practice.  It is known for us humans to procrastinate, to stall and come up with any excuse. 

I like this quote, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” – by Lao Tzu. (If you like quotes as I do, here’s a list of more quotes to help motivate you)

Golf Blog - Taking That First Step

I have found personally that the hardest part is taking that first step.  But once you do, it’s freeing. I remember when I used to run. The hardest part was lacing up the running shoes and getting outside.  I always had so many excuses, whether it was work, family, chores, or something.  After reading a great article, it said go outside and plan to run just a couple of minutes.  I found that when I use this mindset, I’d plan on just a few minutes and end up running at least 20 minutes or more, feeling happy and glad that I went out.

So, my advice is this.  If you have something you have been wanting to do or that you want to get back into, whatever it is – just get dressed, lace up and go.

Having no expectations is even better, especially in the beginning.


You’ll probably be happy you did.  


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