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Our Mission

The mission of Lynn on the Links is to help golfers navigate and learn this great game. 

There are many aspects to golf. And they can be very challenging, overwhelming, and intimidating to learn and play.  My goal is to be a golf resource and mentor providing advice, tips, instruction, news and helpful information.

About Lynn

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I started golfing almost 30 years ago and am still on my own personal golf journey.

From a beginner learning from my Dad to playing casually with friends, or business associates, to joining various golf leagues, to playing in competitive tournaments, golf has changed for me over the years.

I have learned that golf can be whatever you want it to be in your life.

It could be a way to connect with others, or it could be the personal achievement or fulfilment you desire, or maybe you like the competitive nature of the game. We all have different reasons, and likely it will evolve over time like it did for me.

Surprisingly, I still absolutely love this game and my interest in golf is growing as passionately as ever as I experience and learn even more facets of the game.

Sharing this and helping to grow this great game so you may start or continue your own golf journey has been my purpose for starting Lynn on the Links from the beginning. I hope you learn to love it as much as I do!

Your Personal Golf Journey

Golf is not an easy activity to learn quickly. It is like learning a musical instrument like the violin and then having to play in an orchestra with others.

It’s going to take time.

Just having this expectation will allow you to enjoy the process of learning, practicing, playing, the ups and downs, and everything that goes along with it. The reward is that it will provide you with so much enjoyment in the long run.

As you start or continue along on your own personal “golf journey”, remember to savor and have fun with each area of this learning process.

How We Can Help

Having that friend or mentor to help you along is key to lasting enjoyment in this game. 

Knowing how frustrating, discouraging, and humbling this game can be, I hope to be that mentor that shares golf knowledge, experiences, and motivation with you as well as build a community to engage and interact with that is helpful.

As we grow this site, be sure to continue to check out the different resources and sections to help you wherever you are on your golf journey. Follow the link if you want to subscribe to the weekly Wednesday email and receive the FREE Beginner’s Golf Guide to Playing on a Golf Course.

Also, if you would like to join our community of women golfers, join the Facebook Group, Beginner Golf for Women.

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