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Harmon Golf – Boston’s Best Kept Secret

Harmon Golf – Boston’s Best Kept Secret

Harmon Golf – Improve Your Golf Game and Take It to the Next Level As an avid golfer who is constantly thinking about how to improve my golf game, I have always been intrigued by Harmon Golf in Rockland, Massachusetts.    Since it is only located…

Which Tee Box Should You Play?

Which Tee Box Should You Play?

Choosing the Right Tee Box For More Fun and Enjoyment It used to be that many courses had two, maybe three different tee boxes – back, middle, and forward tees. Some golfers still refer to these as men’s or ladies’ tees, or by their different…

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Meet Lynn - Lynn on the Links

Meet Lynn

Hi, I am so excited you are here!

As an avid recreational golfer who has golfed for almost 30 years, my mission for Lynn on the Links is to help mentor women and girls who want to learn this great game and make it easier, more accessible and enjoyable. 

Learning the complexities and the many different parts of golf can be intimidating,  challenging, and frustrating.  My hope is to give you a great start to your golfing journey.