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Women’s Golf Pants Make Their Debut This Spring

On the topic of women’s golf fashion, hot off the press and coming to a golf course near you is a new golf pants line available this April 2020.

The world of women’s golf fashion is changing and very exciting.  And I can’t wait to see what the major trends will be this year.

I recently had the chance to sit down with Emily Farrell, Founder & CEO of Abendroth Golf

I first met Emily at a golf wellness event, where golf professionals and amateurs came together to spend the day learning everything from health, wellness, golf fitness, and swing mechanics.  

It was interesting because she realized that we had first connected through social media and golf on Instagram a while back.   

Emily and I were able to chat more recently about our paths, goals, similar missions and the state of the industry for women and golf. 

Starting A Clothing Line While Juggling a Family and A Full-Time Career

It was a 2-hour chat that could have gone on for much longer if we had more time. I was looking forward to our meeting as I had the chance to do a little research beforehand on her background, her professional career, and how she decided to start a clothing line all on her own while working a full-time job and juggling a family.  

Emily Farrell in Her Peggy Pants

Emily, like many women I know, is a multi-tasker.  Yet, she seems to do it with ease and inner confidence.  

She didn’t say this, but she didn’t need to.  I figured it out pretty quickly.  

Not only is Emily the Founder and CEO of a start-up clothing company, but she is also a wife, mother, PGA Professional & Assistant Pro at The Country Club, a prestigious golf club in Brookline, Massachusetts, and she offers and teaches a women’s golf clinic at the Harmon Club.

Ok, I could barely fit that all in one sentence.  

Emily grew up in Minnesota, played high school golf and like many during her time, was the only girl on her high school golf team.   

It was at Methodist University, in North Carolina where she played collegiate golf and was surprised and thrilled to find so many young women like her who were just as passionate as she was about the game of golf.  

Opting to go the corporate route after college, Emily found her niche in advertising, then creative work, and brand strategy at Titleist.  Here, she cut her teeth working hard for a large well-known golf brand. 

However, she truly missed the golf side of the industry and making personal connections with people on the golf course.  She thought a career move might give her a bit more free time to follow a childhood dream of someday owning her own clothing line. 

The change was a really good move. Working at The Country Club, Emily is fortunate to be a part of an incredible team and have the time to follow her other passion.

The Peggy Pant – Women’s Golf Pants

The idea of starting a pants line came when she was working several years ago on location doing photo shoots and working on golf courses with Titleist.  

The options for women’s professional attire were limited for female professionals in the golf industry.  

Emily decided to do something about it and designed her own line of comfortable, wearable, and professional pants.  Starting from scratch, she started a Kickstarter campaign which was very well received, raising all the money she needed to launch her Peggy Pant line.  Though starting up a clothing line has been quite a journey, complete with new challenges every day, and a steep learning curve, she has been able to navigate the process with much success.  

“My goal is to transform the way women dress on and off the golf course.

The Peggy Pant is femininely cut, high-waisted with premium performance materials that include four-way stretch, water resistant and sweat wicking, and comfortably worn for any type of weather.”

Already on her 4th sample, she continues to tweak and perfect the pants so she can have a good solid product.

Just in time for the spring golf season.

Though these pants were originally marketed for women going from the golf course to the office and vice versa.  What she has found through market research and talking to others is that the Peggy Pant would be useful for women in other professions, like teachers and business travelers that also require being active on the job, and yet still need a professional look.  

There has been much interest in the Peggy Pant.  I personally am hoping to see her pants line on the racks in golf clubs, leisure athletic stores and golf courses across the country.

Where to Find These Golf Pants for Women

For now, pre-sales are available for purchase on her website at www.abendrothgolf.com and you can follow Emily on many of the social media channels like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.    

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Women’s Golf Fashion – Abendroth Golf

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