Golf Fitness for Women – 3 Key Areas to Prepare for Your Best Golf Season

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With the golf season fast approaching, it is important to think about becoming fit and strong for golf.


These days, golf fitness is a big trend.

It is common to see many different fitness trainers that actually are certified specifically for golf.  Being strong and in shape can provide an advantage over the competition, especially for the professionals on tour.

As a recreational golfer, building strength for more distance and power would be great.  But improving mobility, flexibility, and core strength for longevity and prevention is paramount to golf.  I personally would love to play for years to come, which means getting my body prepared for the golf season and preventing any injuries from happening.

Golf Fitness At Home


Golf Fitness for Women – Top 3 Areas to Focus on:


Building Your Core


Golf fitness trainers and experts talk about 3 big topics these days.  The first is having a strong core. 

But, what does that mean? 

The core is the center portion of your body.  

Think of the trunk of a tree and how important it is to have a strong trunk that supports the branches and leaves and everything else. 

Our core is a powerhouse of muscles that keeps us balanced, stable, and grounded.  

Anything you do from sports, as well as your daily activities like walking and standing, is affected by your core.

In golf, it is also one of the most important aspects of a good golf swing and being able to continue to play in years to come. 

Here are some exercises from The Fit Golfer Girl that are easy to implement and can get your core strong and ready for the golf season.

Core Exercises


Improving Your Flexibility and Mobility


When I was much younger, it was fairly easy for me to take the golf club all the way back and get a lot of power turning my body. 

But these days, I need to work on exercises to keep me limber. 

I tend to get really tight in my hamstrings and hip flexors, and I know these are important to fluidity and injury prevention in my golf game. 

Without getting too technical in the gym, I like to keep it simple.  Here is a video from Golf Digest that really helps me with mobility in my hips and legs.


Hip Mobility Exercises


Building Your Strength


I have to be honest, I don’t do a lot of strength training yet. 

I say yet because I do feel as though it is something I personally need to improve upon.  Strength, as many of us know does decrease with age.

We lose muscle mass every year we get older so it is important to incorporate strength training in your exercise routine. 

Having strength will power our bodies in the golf swing for more distance, but also helps us stay strong through an entire round or tournament. 

Golf can be quite exhausting mentally and physically, so you will want to be at your best. 

This 9-minute fitness routine is a great one to add to your regimen. 

I like it because it uses simple exercises like squats, lunges, push-ups, and planks as part of the routine.  No crazy gym equipment needed!

It is also easy to incorporate and follow and will work wonders for building strength and some of the core conditioning and mobility mentioned above.  


Strength and Core Fitness for Golf


Golf training these days includes fitness and maintaining a strong body.  Both are very important when playing golf.  

Doing the right exercises can add a lot to your golf game and can provide you with a competitive advantage as well as longevity so you can play for years to come.

The 3 areas above will give you a head start in preparing for a wonderfully successful golf season.

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