Best Golf Wedges for Women

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Best Women’s Golf Wedges in 2021

The golf wedge is an important piece of equipment in the golf bag. Most people are familiar with the pitching wedge and the sand wedge.

However, over the last decade, more and more wedge types have been introduced as golfers look to fine tune their golf games around the greens.

The wedge game pretty much makes up the short game apart from putting. Anything that is about 100 yards or so in from the green.

Since the majority of a golfer’s strokes make up the short game, wedges are extremely important.

The pitching wedge and sand wedge are included in most golf club sets, irons or combo sets.

Many Pros carry at least 3 – 4 different wedges. This is to help them dial in and get as close to the hole as possible. In addition to the pitching and sand wedge, the next most common wedges are the gap and lob wedge. However, with the advances in technology, there are also many options to choose from to make a fully customizable wedge.

If you want to know more about wedges, the ins and outs of them, scroll down further to the Golf Wedge Guide where I try to answer the most frequently asked questions about wedges. This may also help you in knowing whether you might want to add additional wedges to your bag and if so, which ones.

Here are the the top recommendations on women’s golf wedges.

Top Picks for Ladies Golf Wedges

Reviews of the Top Picks for Women’s Golf Wedges

Cleveland Golf Smart Sole Women’s Golf Wedge

Cleveland makes great quality wedges. My first ever lob wedge was made by Cleveland and I loved it.

The Cleveland Golf Smart Sole Women’s Golf Wedge is made with a “Feel Balancing Technology”, which helps with weight distribution and more control on your shots. The wider sole made with 3 different tiers provides much forgiveness and better turf interaction.

Cleveland CBX2 Women’s Golf Wedge

Cleveland Women's CBX2 Golf Wedge

I had to provide another Cleveland wedge as this Cleveland CBX2 Women’s Golf Wedge is designed with a hollow cavity like their irons. What makes this club great is their attention to detail to bring an outstanding wedge to the “everyday golfer who plays serious golf but isn’t on tour”. They have produced a wedge that offers versatility around the greens, has amazing feel reducing vibrations and offers groove design to provide more short game control.

Square Strike Wedge Club

The Square Strike Wedge is one you may have seen on TV on the Golf Channel and during other golf broadcasts. It is designed for the recreational golfer in mind to take out the mishits and chunked shots around the green that we all seem to do.

Its wide sole and leading edge help prevent digging into the ground. With extra weight, a putter-like length and lie angle, this wedge is used like a putter in a sweeping motion.

Thus taking out the risky shots and providing more consistency. The Square Strike Wedge is great for your bump and run shots to get as close to the hole as possible.

Callaway Mack Daddy Jaws Women’s Golf Wedge

The Callaway Mack Daddy Jaws Ladies Golf Wedge has been masterfully designed to provide great feel and consistency for many different lies and shots around the green. The grinds offer a great variety of options for different golfers and course conditions and Callaway has created a new innovative groove design to help with spin and control. This is a beautiful and well designed wedge.

Titleist Vokey SM8 Golf Wedge

Titleist Vokey SM8 Golf Wedge

Titleist is a premier maker of golf wedges and has a master wedge innovator behind its designs. Titleist has created a high-performance line of golf wedges. The Titleist Vokey SM8 Golf Wedge can be custom-made for a golfer’s specific needs.

Just be sure to click on the “Customize It” Button after you visit the website. If I were to customize it, I’d probably go with a 56, 58, or 60-degree wedge for the most loft. I’d also go with a K-grind and a graphite shaft for more flexibility. Steel shafts personally are a bit too stiff for my golf game. And if it isn’t specifically designed for women, I may decrease the length by 1″ (-1″). The specifications are also explained on the website.

Like the professional players on Tour, recreational and amateur golfers can get more customization in their wedges. The beauty is that you can pick everything you might want or need in a wedge and have it designed straight through the Titleist website.

Titleist Vokey wedges offer superior quality in offering various sole grinds, bounce angles, lofts and finish.

You can also have fun with the design process and get the look you want with special monogrammed names, initials, and emojis on the back of the clubface.

Final Thoughts on Top Ladies Golf Wedges

Golf wedges for women are really hard to find. Whenever I stop in at a pro shop, it seems to me that there are only men’s wedges available to browse through. But, the golf wedge is an important part of the golf game and it is important to get what you need out on the course as it can lead to saved strokes and lower scores which is what we all would love to have.

My top pick for golf wedges for women would be the Cleveland CBX2 Women’s Golf Wedge for their great all around performance. The Square Strike Wedge is intriguing because it makes for a simpler chipping method which is something we can all use.

However, for a fully customized golf wedge, the Titleist Vokey SM8 Golf Wedge would be my pick if you want something specially designed. In fact, as I write this, I am so wanting to head over to the Titleist site and design one of my own. It’s definitely going on my bucket list!

If you want to gain a better understanding of the wedges in general, keep reading for the Guide on Golf Wedges. Because things like “bounce”, “grind” and other terms really can be confusing when looking at what kind of wedge to purchase.

Guide on Women’s Golf Wedges

Every golfer needs to carry at least one golf wedge in their bag. The purpose of the wedge is to help produce a shot that gets the golf ball as close to the hole as possible.

There are many different types of wedges in the golf game and seems to be growing every year. I found it very confusing when I was looking into various wedges and trying to determine whether I needed to add additional wedges to my arsenal of golf clubs.

So, I thought this guide could help you out with choosing and deciding what to look at.

What are the main types of wedges?

There are many different wedges and sometimes they are referred to with different names. The main types include:

Pitching Wedge (PW)

Pitching wedges are usually the lowest lofted wedges (between 44 – 48 degrees) and provide the longest distance.

Gap Wedge (GW)

Gap wedges bridge the distance gap between a pitching and sand wedge. The loft is typically between 49 – 53 degrees.

Other names for this particular wedge might include Approach (AW) or Utility Wedge (UW).

Sand Wedge (SW)

Sand wedges are used for many shots around the green and most commonly in getting out of greenside bunkers and sand traps. Lofts range from 54 – 58 degrees.

Lob Wedge (LW)

Lob wedges provide the shortest distance and the highest loft (60 degrees or higher). They are great for shots just off the green in the rough, for nice high shot to an elevated green, or hitting over a green side bunker with a small landing area.

NOTE: Sometimes you will hear these different wedges being referred to as a 60 degree wedge or a 56 degree wedge based on their degree of loft.

Do wedges come in a set or can they be purchased as single golf clubs?

The pitching wedge and sand wedge typically come in a full golf club set or an iron or combo set. All wedges can also be purchased as a single club.

As you become a better golfer and want to improve your short game, you may want to add an additional wedge to the bag.

Many golfers will add a higher lofted wedge than their sand wedge. Something along the lines of a 58 degree or a 60 degree lob wedge. A wedge that provides a shorter distance and more loft getting the ball higher in the air for a softer landing than a sand wedge. The other option is to add the gap wedge to help with gapping or bridging the distance between the pitching and sand wedge.

Why does a golfer need so many different wedges?

Wedges are versatile enough that they can really help you get up and down around the green and essentially closer to the hole. And there are many different shots around the green.

Think about these three scenarios which might need 3 different types of wedges.

Scenario 1: Your ball may be sitting in the deep rough 5 feet off the green and you need to have a wedge that can penetrate the deep grass and essentially pop the ball up with enough loft, but not too much distance. In this case, you may need a 60 degree or lob wedge to help give you that shot.

Scenario 2: Another scenario might be that you are in a greenside bunker with a medium sized lip. A sand wedge would be used or a 54 degree wedge with enough distance to get you onto the green. If this bunker has a steep lip, you could use a lob wedge for more loft and get the ball up higher over the lip.

Scenario 3: A third scenario might be that you are 60 yards in front of a fairly level green. Here, you may want to use a lower lofted wedge with the right amount of distance – could be your pitching or sand wedge or even a 7 iron for a nice pitch and run.

There are many options for these different scenarios and its good to have the right equipment to help you save strokes and score well.

How many wedges does a golfer carry in their bag?

Tour players use around 3 – 4 wedges. I personally use 3 which includes a pitching wedge, sand wedge and a 60 degree lob wedge. And I am thinking about adding a gap wedge to my arsenal of wedges.

What are bounce, loft, and grind when it comes to how a wedge is designed?

Loft (Degrees):

This is the degree of loft that the wedge will provide. The higher the number, the higher the loft and the higher the ball will travel. Wedges typically range from 43 – 65 degrees of loft.

Many wedges when sold separately from a club set will have the degree of loft on the backside of the clubface.


The back of the clubface sometimes will show another number just under the degree of loft. This number is the bounce angle. The angle from the leading edge of the club face to the lowest point where the trailing edge or sole meets the ground.

The degree of bounce can affect your shots around the green.

Low Bounce (4-6 degrees) – For golfers who like to “sweep” the ball and produce very small if any divots. These lower bounce wedges are good for firm turf conditions and heavy course and firm sand.

Mid Bounce (7-10 degrees) – This is the most common and versatile bounce for golfers. Good for many different golf course conditions.

High Bounce (10+ degrees) – For golfers who tend to dig into the turf at impact making deep divots. Good for softer turf conditions and lies as well as deep, soft sand. Recommended for golfers who want to create a lot of spin.


Wedge manufacturers and designers create an even more adjustable or customizable wedge by manipulating the sole or grind of the club.

What this means is that they can shave off or shape the metal sole of the club based on whether a golfer likes to open their club face and hit high flop shots, or tend to close their clubface with low spinning shots that don’t roll as much.

Many Tour players may have new wedges specially designed for a specific tournament with known course conditions like a links course for example.

If you tend to play the same course and know the course environment, you could customize and select your wedge based on this to help your game.

How often do I need to replace my wedges?

I was told a few years back that recreational golfers should really replace their wedges every 18 – 24 months. I was shocked and had no clue of this recommendation.

So, I did some digging to find out why this is the case.

Well, it all has to do with the grooves on the wedge. These are the rows of parallel lines on the clubface. The grooves help create spin on the golf ball and helping the ball stop, check up or even move backwards on the green. They also provide a level of control when the ball interacts with the club.

When the grooves start to wear out, they stop being effective and may even cause the ball to skull or fly off the club more.

If you see that your grooves are worn smooth, then it might be time to replace that wedge. With the improved technology in golf clubs each year, it is beneficial and actually fun to think about getting a new wedge for your game. Anything that might improve our scores and our game is a good thing.

Is there a difference between women’s and men’s wedges?

Yes, there is a difference between men’s and women’s golf wedges.

Like other golf clubs, men’s wedges will be heavier, stiffer, longer in length and has a larger grip on the handle. The women’s wedges I have seen are made with graphite or lighter more flexible shafts. If you like the feel of graphite and like to have a lighter wedge with a smaller grip, then it makes sense to go with a women’s wedge.

If you don’t care as much, and you are good with a heavier and often times steel shaft, then a men’s wedge would be fine to use as well. I personally like a graphite shaft because I like the feel of it and for me, short game is all about feel.


I hope this guide has helped you in learning more about golf wedges. If you are looking to improve your golf game, focusing on the short game is one of the best ways to lower those scores. Having the right wedges to dial in your shots onto the green can help you immensely.

Good Luck!


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