Best Women’s Golf Bags in 2021

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Reviews of the Top Ladies Golf Bags

Gone are the boring, drab, and plain golf bags of yesteryear. Golf bags today, especially golf bags for women are so much more fun, stylish and functional.

There are golf bags that meet just about any needs and personalities on the golf course.

Here is a quick list of recommendations for women’s cart golf bags, hybrid golf bags, and golf bags with stands. Followed by descriptions of each and finally a Golf Bag Buying Guide with factors to consider and FAQ’s when making a purchase.

Best Women’s Golf Bags

Reviews of Top Ladies Golf Bags

Sun Mountain Diva Golf Cart Bag

Sun Mountain makes great golf accessories and this Sun Mountain Golf Cart Bag, called the Diva, is a cart bag that has close to a dozen different pockets to store the many different accessories and items needed out on the golf course. The top can hold all 14 different clubs each in their own compartment with full-length dividers. This bag is a favorite and comes in several different styles and colors. Fits well on a push cart and is a cart bag with no stand.

Glove It Golf Cart Bag

The Glove It Golf Cart Bags are fun, functional, and fashionable and come in over a dozen different styles and colors. These bags are made of 100% nylon which makes them lighter in weight and good for the outside elements.

The golf bags shown above are cart bags with no stand but do have handles on the top making it easy to carry the bag from one area to the next. They include a 15-way separation for 14 clubs, however, the dividers are not full length. With 9 different compartments for all your accessories, these bags can easily keep your items organized and accessible.

Glove It carries the same patterns of their golf bags as their gloves, pouches, and headcovers. Easy to match all your accessories.

Visit the GloveIt website for more choices and matching items. Use LynnLinks10 for a 10% discount at checkout.

Birdie Babe Golf Cart Bag

The Birdie Babe Golf Cart Bag offers fun styles with 7 well-placed pockets and compartments including an insulated pocket to help keep drinks and snacks cool. There are 14 separate sections to hold your clubs and keep them organized so they don’t bang up against each other. 3 of these compartments have full-length dividers. The bag is extremely light in weight, and has two easy-to-lift handles on the top, and comes with a cart strap. Note that this is a cart bag with no stand.

TaylorMade Golf Bag with Stand

The TaylorMade Golf Bag with Stand is a traditional golf bag that is perfect for carrying or pushing on a cart. With two handles at the top for easy handling, it is lightweight and smaller than a cart bag. For extra back support, it includes two shoulder straps that criss-cross so one shoulder isn’t carrying the entire weight and is more balanced when walk and carrying.

The golf bag comes with larger pockets on the side for items like a golf towel or a light jacket and has a small pocket for personals like money, credit cards, and other small items. There are front pockets for balls, tees, golf gloves, and other needed accessories. Several different color combinations are offered.

Izzo Lightweight Carry Golf Bag With Stand

The very affordable Izzo Lightweight Carry Golf Bag With Stand is made by a great golf brand that manufactures and provides golf accessories and training aids as well as bags that are efficient and lightweight.

This golf bag is simple in design weighing 3.5 pounds. Perfect for carrying around the golf course.

There is a front pocket for storing golf balls and tees, a small pocket for storing personals as well as a larger side pocket for bulkier items such as a jacket or golf towel. This comes in several color options as well.

Vessel Golf Bag with Stand

Vessel is a high-quality manufacturer and brand of golf bags that is popular with tour players around the world. Their golf bags are designed with attention to detail and use fine luxury materials for their bags. This Vessel Golf Bag with Stand is made for those that want a golf stand and will carry their clubs on the course. The high tech golf bag has adjustable ergonomic straps that can be customized to one’s liking for added comfort and support.

It uses a special “rotator base technology” that helps keep the base on the ground for improved stability and balance. A magnetic accessories pocket is an additional feature that helps keep small personal items safe. The bag has 3 separate sections for clubs at the top.

Orlimar Golf Bag

Sometimes golfers may want to walk a golf course or head to the practice range without the hassle of bringing the entire golf bag or a full set of clubs. This Orlimar Golf Bag, sometimes referred to as a “pitch and putt bag” or a “Sunday bag”, is great for playing Par 3, Executive courses, 9 holes, or going to the practice range.

It holds about 6 – 7 clubs including the putter and has 1 pocket that can hold accessories such as balls, tees, ball markers, pencils, and a glove. The bag weighs less than 2 pounds and comes with a single shoulder strap as well as a stand to keep the clubs upright.

Women’s Golf Bags – Buying Guide and FAQ’s

With 14 clubs in the bag to carry in addition to all that’s needed on the course for a 2 – 4+ hour round, the golf bag is an important piece of your arsenal. Maybe it won’t provide you with pars all day long, but it can provide a level of comfort, enjoyment and some style to your game.

Depending on what you may need and are looking for, there is pretty much a golf bag for everyone. Golf bags have come a long way over the years and even more so in recent years. So many styles and levels of functionality are offered, which means so much to choose from.

Here are some frequently asked questions as well as factors to look at when purchasing a golf bag.

What Is The Difference Between a Golf Bag With a Stand and a Golf Cart Bag?

Let’s first look at the purpose of a golf cart bag versus a golf bag with a stand.

A golf “cart” bag is just that. Designed to be placed on a cart during a round of golf. Because of this, cart bags typically are larger and wider in size with many pockets that vary in size as well as separate sections on the top for each of your golf clubs.

A golf bag with a stand is designed for those who don’t want to lay their clubs on the ground when carrying. Like a kickstand on a bicycle, the stand helps prop up the golf bag when left alone. With two retractable legs that hold the golf bag upright at an angle, this allows for stability so the bag doesn’t tip over, and keeps the clubs and bag from lying flat on the ground.

Because these bags are designed with the purpose of being carried, they are typically smaller, lighter, and less bulky than a cart bag. These come with a single or double shoulder strap for added support when carrying the bag across the back.

Which Type of Golf Bag Should I Purchase?

It depends on whether you will be riding in a cart, pushing a cart, or carrying your golf clubs. If you are carrying your golf clubs, what kind of support do you need?

My parents live in a golf retirement community where they own a motorized electric golf cart and keep it in their garage. All golfers are required to use the golf carts on their home course. Since they rarely need to carry their golf clubs except on and off the golf cart, they both have large cart bags. Having a bag this size with lots of storage compartments and a place for each of their clubs is great to have as long as you don’t have to lift the bag very much. They are heavy!

My friend, on the other hand, walks and carries her golf clubs for 18 holes of golf. She uses a very lightweight women’s golf bag with a stand, and a double shoulder strap for added back support. She keeps her accessories to a minimum, so less pockets are needed as she doesn’t want to have to carry any unnecessary or extra weight.

If you use a push cart, you could actually go either way.

It depends on how bulky or how much extra weight you want to be pushing around on the course. I personally like to keep things light as I have a somewhat hilly course. Since I do a bit of walking and carry my golf clubs to and from the practice range, I need a ladies lightweight golf bag with a stand and double shoulder straps.

However, I have been thinking about purchasing a small Sunday bag like the one shown above to take a few clubs to the practice range.

What Other Factors Should I Consider When Purchasing a Golf Bag?

Here are a few other things to consider:


If you plan to use a pushcart, make sure that the bag you purchase will fit on your pushcart. A big cart bag may actually be too big for the base of the push cart.

Also, think about how much weight you want to be pushing. Though you are pushing a cart, it is still expending energy. If you are playing on a flat course and it is an easy terrain, a bigger bag might be fine. However, if your terrain is quite hilly, you may want to think about the size and weight you will be pushing up the hills as well as holding the bag steady on the downhills.


More and more golf bags are including a cooler compartment where you can keep a few drinks cool on a hot day. A very nice addition!

If you are going to be out on the golf course for a good 4 – 5 hours in the outside elements, you would be surprised by the number of accessories and needed items you might need.

Particularly if the weather is going to change while you are out there, it is important to bring extra layers and clothing to account for this. For example, if there are possible showers in the forecast, you’ll want to bring a rain jacket, umbrella, rain golf gloves and maybe even rain pants.

That right there takes up a lot of storage in one’s bag. Besides golf balls, tees, ball markers, repair tools, and golf gloves, you will need a place to store your wallet, phone, car keys, extra golf glove, sunscreen, water, beverages, and well you get the idea. There are a lot of extra items to bring and having different compartments or pockets can help keep these items organized, easy to find and access.

Ease of Use for Getting Clubs In and Out of a Bag

The main purpose of a golf bag is to hold your clubs.

A golfer can carry up to 14 clubs in their bag and some bags have separate dividers with is a compartment for each club. This is called a 15-way golf bag. Because of the space it takes up, these are usually cart bags. A carry bag or golf bag with a stand might vary from 3 to 7 separate sections.

If you don’t like the golf grips getting stuck on each other when pulling out a club or don’t like the clubs clanging against each other, you’ll want a separate compartment for each club, which would be a 15 – way golf bag with full length dividers.

Bag Style, Colors and Materials

You can have a lot of fun with your golf bag as there are so many styles, colors, patterns, and materials. The golf bag can be a reflection of your style or personality.

Do you want nylon, leather, or a performance material?

How about sleek, big and bold, or traditional?

Do you want flowers, polka dots, plaid, or block patterns?

Do you want blue, black, white, yellow, red, purple or a pink golf bag?

Yes, you can find just about anything. Have fun with this!

Monogramming or Personalization

Many golf bags show the name and logo of the brand. In addition to this, some golf bags have the option of adding customized monogramming, which is a nice feature. You’ll see this a lot with tour players as well as teaching professionals in the golf industry. If you want this added, check to see if the bag comes with this option.

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