Best Golf Push Carts for 2021

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Top Push Carts for Golf

Push carts are one of the best conveniences in golf besides riding in a motorized cart. Instead of having to lug a full set of golf clubs on your back, we can push our clubs along while walking and getting some great exercise.

When I first started golf, there were only pull carts which all first had 2 wheels and then a 3rd wheel was added years later. Golfers would pull the bag with one arm behind them. Today, most golfers push their cart in front of them from hole to hole. And now there are a great many different options to choose from like 3 or 4 wheels, swivel or stationary wheels, weight and functionality, motorized or not, and lot of fun colors.

Here, I am listing out a quick list of the Top Recommended Golf Push Carts. Scroll further down for a helpful Buyer’s Guide on Push Golf Carts. This includes some of the important features to think about when selecting and purchasing a push cart for golf.

List of Top Recommended Push Carts for Golf

Descriptions With Review of Best Push Golf Carts

Clicgear Golf Push Cart

The Clicgear Golf Push Cart keeps improving upon a great push cart. My original Clicgear is going on 7 years now and is still going strong. This push cart is extremely durable and is made with aluminum tubing which makes it hardy but light enough to push, as well as airless tires that are great for most kinds of terrain on a golf course. For storage, Clicgear provides a medium-sized net, right below the dashboard console. This console which is located near the main pushing handle can hold your immediate necessities like extra golf balls, pencil, marker, tees, and scorecard. The brake is controlled by the hands not the feet.

Half a dozen accessories are available to order as extras if you need them. Items such as a seat, a cooler bag, a sand bottle, and an umbrella mount that adjusts at an angle. The push cart folds down to a relatively small size. The folding/unfolding process is a bit complex the first few times, but once you know how to do it, it gets easier. This push cart comes in many different color options – the most offered.

Though push carts are becoming more and more lightweight, this Clicgear model is one of the heavier carts weighing 21 pounds. However, it is a workhorse and is sturdy.

Clicgear Rovik Push Cart

Clicgear offers several different push cart models, some of which come with 3 wheels, 4 wheels, or swivel wheels. The Clicgear Rovik Push Cart is a 3 wheel push cart with a front wheel that swivels. The swivel wheel helps maneuver the push cart on flat surfaces managing turns with ease instead of having to lift the front wheel up off the ground. This swivel wheel can be locked in place to provide stability on uneven terrain.

Other differences between the standard Clicgear model and the Rovic include the following:

  • The Rovik doesn’t have a storage net, but the console is larger.
  • The Rovik is smaller and lighter, weighing 17 pounds.
  • Instead of a hand brake, the Rovik has a foot brake.
  • Extra accessories are offered, however, some are specific and custom to the Rovik.
  • The Rovik offers a smaller selection of colors.

Sun Mountain Golf Push Cart

The Sun Mountain Golf Push Cart is a lighter push cart with 3 wheels. This popular model is known for lightness and functionality as it weighs 18 pounds. What I like about this cart is that there are two storage baskets – a larger one to carry clothing like a jacket and a smaller one to carry extra golf balls, a snack, or a golf glove. The handle and console allow the user to adjust the angle, which helps with ergonomics and individual preferences. Also, includes separate holders for a cell phone, water bottle, and umbrella. Extra accessories that you can purchase include a seat and a sand/seed bottle holder.

The cart itself fits the majority of different-sized golf bags whether they are cart or carry bags. The older versions of this Sun Mountain golf cart used inflatable tires, however, the more recent models use harder plastic wheels that won’t deflate or pop. This cart folds and is easy to store. It is not as small or compact as others on the market, but is easy to fold. One bonus is that you don’t need to take the golf bag off the cart each time it is folded and unfolded.

Bag Boy Nitron Golf Push Cart

The Bag Boy Nitron Golf Push Cart weighs 16.5 pounds and is very compact when folded. It is known for being easy and fast to fold and unfold especially compared to other more complex folding push carts. The parking brake is a hand brake versus a foot brake. The console features a solid, easy to access beverage holder, cell phone holder as well as space for the scorecard and golf balls. The storage bag is small to medium and is located under the handle and console. There are also half a dozen standard color options.

One thing to keep in mind with this bag is that if you don’t have a Bag Boy golf bag, it might not fit as perfectly on the cart as it uses a “Top-Loc” technology that locks in a Bag Boy bag without any straps.

Caddytek Golf Push Cart

The Caddytek Golf Push Cart is a sturdy, affordable push cart. It is strong and stable with an aluminum frame and weighs 18 pounds. The cart folds up into a small compact design. The wheels are built to work on most golf course terrains and make it easy to push. The bag also comes with an insulated basket that helps keep beverages or snacks cool. It also comes with an adjustable handle and console, as well as a small netted basket to hold golf balls, ball markers and glove. Includes an umbrella and drink holder. Different color options are available.

One thing to note is that the front wheel is off to the side a bit, compared to other carts where the wheel is in front of the bag.

Buyer’s Guide to Golf Push Carts

When it comes to push golf carts, every year they come out with improved models, extra accessories, new styles, and now different color combinations. So much to choose from.

Let’s look at the main features you may want to think about when figuring out what golf cart may be best for you.

Price or Budget

Price can be a big factor, especially these days as we are finding that push carts are in high demand and low in supply. I am finding that the pricing can vary wildly. That may change in time when supply gets back to normal.

One thing to note about price is that quality does factor in. Think about the number of times you will be playing. Maybe you play 4 days a week and will most likely be walking and using a push cart. In this case, you probably will want to go with a sturdy, reliable, and quality-made push cart that will be able to perform over and over for you. My Clicgear is going on 7 years now and I use it about 4 – 5 days a week! It’s still going strong.


What accessories do you need with your golf cart? Many come with the standard umbrella and drink holder as well as a console and basket. A few others are now adding cell phone holders and more storage.

Additional components are also offered at a separate price or add-on, which include items such as wheel covers (above), umbrella angler, mittens for cold weather, cooler bags, and travel covers. It is nice to be able to add on additional accessories you may need now or in the future.


The attachable seat on a push cart is a much-needed accessory for some as it allows you to rest and take a load off the legs or back during the round. Walking and pushing a cart for 2 – 5 hours can be tiring. Add in hills and it can be exhausting. A few carts like the Clicgear above have this added extra seat accessory which attaches right to the cart.

Terrain – Wheels and Brakes

Another important aspect is the type of terrain or golf course landscape you will be playing.

Is your course flat or hilly? Does it have low cut rough or is there fescue everywhere with rocky terrain? Do you want a swivel wheel so you can turn and maneuver the cart easily? Do you want 3 or 4 wheels? 3 is standard and great for uneven terrain. 4 wheels may give you more stability on a flatter course.

With regards to brakes, the biggest key is whether you want a foot brake or a hand brake. I personally like a hand brake, but a foot brake is good too. Mostly it is a personal preference.


Some golf push carts are heavier than others and can differ by about 5 pounds or so. The heavier carts are sturdy and will last a good amount of years, but can be a bit bulky. It depends on how much you can or want to lift in and out of your car when transporting it to the course and also how much you want to push around on the course. With all the high-tech materials, there are some extremely lightweight carts that you can find. And I have a feeling that carts will become lighter, more efficient and ergonomic in the future.

Easy to Fold and Store

Push golf carts are designed today to fold down for smaller storage. It’s great for transporting in the trunk of the car or storing at home.

It is important to think about how large or small your space is to store the push cart when not in use. Push carts fold down into various sizes, from longer to fairly compact.

The only downside with these folding mechanisms is that sometimes they can be a bit of a hassle. Most push carts might be complex at first, however, after performing it a few times, it gets easier.

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