My Review of the Rukket Golf Net Pro

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Interested in Using a Golf Net for the Home?

Over the years, I have found that one of the best ways to improve in golf is to practice and to keep swinging the club.  Building a repeatable swing for more consistency is key to the golf game.  

Yet, it is harder to do than one might think.  Why?  

Because you have to find a place to practice.  And most of us are busy with life.  I find it hard to get to the practice range or golf course several times a week or regularly.  And either a bucket of balls or the cost of an indoor simulator can start to add up each time you head out to practice.  

Practicing at home can be a great way to practice and can save you tons of money as well. Here’s a comprehensive list of golf training gadgets and equipment that you can use in your backyard or in the home.

Recently, I decided that I wanted to put up a golf net in my backyard.

The Convenience and Cost Savings of Using a Golf Practice Net

The practice range is not too far from my house, but during the winter, it closes down and the next closest hitting facility is about 25 to 30 minutes away and fairly pricey. Think about each time you have to purchase a $10 bucket of balls or pay the fee per hour at the indoor simulator. Several times a week or even once a week can become expensive.

My golf instructor mentioned the benefits of using a golf net at home and how much more practice I could get in by not having to drive each way to the range. And, if I have 20 minutes or even 10 minutes to spare, I could easily head to my home golf net and get some practice in. So very convenient.

Personal Review of the Rukket Sports Haack Golf Net Pro

After a good amount of research on the internet and on social media, I landed on Rukket Sports and their Haack Golf Net Pro.  I liked the reviews and the fact that they are a very reputable company that is known for quality sports equipment in areas such as golf, baseball, lacrosse, and soccer.  

Shipment and Delivery

After ordering my Rukket golf net, a box was delivered to my doorstep without any issues within four days.  All of the parts came in a long somewhat heavy sturdy box.  And there were no problems, defects, or missing parts.

Rukket Golf Net Setup and Assembly

Rukket Golf Net Out of the Box

The metal frame came in several different pieces.  The hardest part was figuring out which pieces click into each other.  No screwdrivers or hex wrenches were needed.  The netting came neatly packaged and folded up along with a nylon carrying bag and a complimentary box of foam golf balls.

Rukket Golf Net Haack pro Assembly

As this was our first time assembling this, it took us about 30 minutes to set up. 

Once out of the box, it did seem a little confusing.  We downloaded the Rukket Sports app as the instruction sheet told us to do. 

Rukket Golf Net Review

The app provided an infographic that showed small pictures of what to do.  It didn’t show too much detail and was very basic. 

However, we headed to YouTube and found a bunch of videos explaining how to set it up.  Once we watched these, it was fairly easy to assemble and not much to it. 

Rukket Golf Net Assembly

Once the frame was connected, all we had to do was attach the netting which came with easily attachable loops and sleeves which were extremely easy and efficient.

Happy Helper Assembling My New Rukket Golf Hitting Net
My helper putting together the Rukket golf hitting net!

Sturdiness and Durability

The Haack Net Pro is solid and sturdy.  The metal frame makes up the base and two flexible vertical shafts hold up the net.  There are four stakes or anchors that plug right into the ground for extra stability.  

At first, I used the foam golf balls that came with the golf net.  And then I started to hit with my normal real golf balls with no problems.  The net remained as sturdy as ever. 

Rukket Golf Hitting Net
Taking my first hits into the net. Hit the bullseye – felt good!

Just this month, we had a storm blow through with 60 mph wind gusts.  I did notice that the golf net blew down during the beginning of the storm.  We ended up keeping it down and using the stakes to anchor it from blowing away (just in case).   Since it sits right outside my kitchen window, it was also less of an eyesore this way. The next day after the storm blew through, the net was in great condition and stayed put.  And it was easy to raise back up to full height with one person.

Now, when not in use, I just lay it down on its back. We live near a forest and sometimes I worry about wild animals running through it or getting stuck in it at night.


If you need to move this golf net by yourself, it can be a bit of a challenge – mostly due to its size.  It is 9’ x 7’ x 3’.  With 2 people though, the net is light and easy to move around.  

Rukket Golf Net Side View & Portability

We had a rather large snowstorm in the forecast and I didn’t want to keep the net up given the blustery winds and that it might be stuck in its space in the backyard all winter if the snow sticks around. It took us 5 minutes to disassemble the Rukket golf net, and now that we know how to reassemble, it’ll most likely take us 5 – 10 minutes to put it back up.

Enhanced Golf Net Target

Rukket Golf Net Target
Enhanced Target – Attachable/Detachable with Tri-Fold Hitting Mat

The newest addition to the Haack Golf Net Pro is the hitting target.  It is made of a light shiny nylon material and is easily attachable/detachable. I do like having it attached as I can see immediately if I am veering right or left.

However, I did notice that the noise is a little on the loud side when you hit the target. A loud smacking sound, which is definitely satisfying to hear when you hit it. My neighbors and family members may not like it, on the other hand, especially if I want to avoid annoying them.

Using a Golf Practice Mat and Net

Because the ground tends to be frozen in the winter and to help protect our lawn from massive divots, I opted to use the Rukket Sports Tri-Fold Golf Mat, which is a great accessory to have. It uses artificial turf and has 3 different hitting surfaces or heights of turf.

Pros & Cons to the Rukket Golf Net


  • Fairly easy to assemble and take down
  • The look and feel
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Target feature which is attachable or detachable
  • Great quality brand


  • The noise of the target material
  • Portability for 1 person
  • Price

Final Thoughts and Overall Recommendation

I am extremely happy with my decision to go with the Rukket Sports Haack Golf Net Pro and have been using it most days. Working on my game has become a lot easier and super convenient having a net to hit into in my backyard. What I have found is that even when I have 10 minutes, I can go out and hit a few balls and not have to drive to a practice facility. Nor do I need to spend money each time I want to practice.

I’m actually wondering why it took me so long to put a net up.  So, if you are thinking about it, don’t wait! It makes practice easier and convenient. 

To find the Rukket Sports Haack Golf Net Pro, you can find it at:

Rukket Sports or on Amazon. You will find a great selection of nets as well as mats and other training gadgets and tools.

Happy Practicing!

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