Golf Skirts & Golf Skorts – Stylish, Fun & Comfortable

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Guide to Golf Skirts & Golf Skorts

Golf clothes and attire have come a long way over the last few decades. I remember khaki, blue or black shorts and pants being the golf standard for both men and women.

Golf skirt designs are now be fun, flattering, and comfortable.

Each year, I see more and more unique designs, styles and brands. I love all the additional choices and that traditional golf attire is changing.

And a bonus is that many of the golf skirts are stylish enough to be worn on or off the golf course.

Ladies Golf Skirts & Golf Skorts

What is the Difference Between a Golf Skirt and a Golf Skort?

To distinguish the two, a golf skort is a golf skirt with the shorts built into the actual skirt. Just like in tennis. Since golf requires movement and is a fairly active sport with lots of bending, swinging and rotating the body, shorts are a great addition to a golf skirt.

The majority of golf skirts on the market today are actually golf skorts and include the shorts.

What is the Difference Between a Golf Skirt and a Tennis Skirt?

The biggest difference between a golf skirt and tennis skirt is the length. Tennis skirts tend to be much shorter and this shorter length is much more acceptable on the tennis court than on a golf course.

With more casual attire on golf courses these days, I have seen tennis skirts worn on the golf course. Just remember to keep in mind the dress code and to check with the pro shop if you are unsure.

What are the Different Golf Skirt Lengths?

There are various lengths in golf skirts seen on the golf courses. And thankfully, they are not as long as the golf skirts worn in the early 1900’s, which were down to the ankles.

My favorite length is about 2-3 inches above the knee as I like to have enough coverage to be active and comfortable on the course.

Ladies golf skirts range in length from 14″ to 20″ (measuring from the wait down). Tennis skirts tend to be shorter at about 13″ in length.

Modest Golf Skirts With More Coverage (18″ – 20″)

I you are looking a modest golf skirt or a golf skirt with more covering, the best bet is to go with 18″ – 20″ in length.

Regular Length Golf Skirts

I would say the average length of a golf skirt is about 16″ – 17″. I find Golftini Golf Skirts to be a good average length and they are one of my favorite golf skirt brands. I find their stretchy performance material used in this style of skirt is light, comfortable and breathable for hot days in the heat.

Short Golf Skirts

This LuluLemon Skort is a very cute fashionable skirt that I have seen many women and girls wear on the golf course. They have a few different colors and have a regular length as well as a longer “tall” length for a little more coverage.

I have this Cityoung golf skirt and it is really cute. It’s actually not too short for me as it has a 14.5″ length.

New Styles of Ladies Golf Skirts

There are so many different styles are being used in designing the latest golf skorts. You will see golf skorts with ruffles, pleats, and other accessories as well as bright colors and fun patterns.

So many to choose from!

Cute Golf Skirts

Cute Golf Skirts

Ruffled Golf Skirts

Ruffles Ladies Golf Skirts

Pleated Golf Skirts

Pleated ladies Golf Skirts

Where Can I Find Affordable Golf Skirts That Are Easy on the Budget

You can find affordable or inexpensive golf skorts in many stores and online. The Internet has made it so much easier to find golf-specific clothes at very good prices and discounts.

Be sure to check discounts especially at the end of the golf season as well as right before the golf season starts. Stores try to get rid of inventory before the new fashion lines arrive.

Here are two brands that I like. In fact, I have a few in several different colors from each.

Where Can I Find Girls Golf Skirts?

I have found the best place to find girl’s golf skorts to be at PGA Tour Superstore as they have a great selection and are golf-specific. You can also find cute skirts at Athleta Girls, and Kohl’s.

Girls Golf Skirts

Where Can I Find Ladies Golf Skirts / Golf Skorts Online?

My 3 go-to places online to look for women’s golf clothes are Amazon, PGA Tour Superstore , and ForeLadies Golf. These sites provide a nice brand assortment golf skirts / golf skorts (and other golf apparel) at different price points.

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Golf Skirts & Golf Skorts – Stylish, Fun & Comfortable

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