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Golf Skirts for Women – Fun, Fashionable, and Practical

Trends and Favorites for Women’s Golf Skirts for 2021

Golf skirts and apparel are so much more fun and colorful these days!

I remember in the past wearing pretty much khaki shorts with pleats and various different colored polo shirts. I don’t think skirts were much of an option 30 years ago.

It is very common to see women and girls wearing golf skirts or rather, skorts. Golf skorts are skirts with a pair of spandex or stretchy shorts underneath to provide coverage while golfing.

Golf skirts and skorts are designed to be fun, flattering, and comfortable. I love that there are more and more options being offered each year. And the fashion is now stylish enough to be worn on or off the golf course.

Here are some of my favorite golf skirts as well as a great selection of different styles, patterns, and colors below.

Top Recommended Women’s Golf Skorts

For a Golf Skirt Buying Guide, scroll further down.

Golftini Golf Skirt (Skort)

Golftini Skort

Golftini Golf Skirts are one of my favorite brands of golf skirts. They have a great length with enough coverage. The stretchy performance material used in this style of skirt is light, comfortable and breathable for hot days in the heat. And they have some really fun patterns and styles.

You can find a small front pocket for tees and a bigger back pocket for your golf glove if needed. The only con is that they can be on the pricier side. I used to only be able to find Golftini apparel in the pro shop at my golf club, but nowadays I am happy that I can find them online on Amazon and PGA Superstore.

LuluLemon Pace Rival Skirt

LuluLemon Golf Skirt

This LuluLemon Skort is a very cute fashionable skirt that I have seen many women and girls wear on the golf course. For me, I wear this LuluLemon skirt on the tennis courts and running, however as I have gotten older, it is a little too short for me to wear on the golf course.

My teenage daughters and my golfing friends look so adorable and fashionable in this skort and wear them golfing often. They have a few different colors and have a regular length as well as a longer “tall” length for a little more coverage. One con might be a lack of deep pockets.

Ekouaer Performance Golf Skirt (Skort)

I purchased this Ekouaer Performance Golf Skirt last summer because of the affordable price. I wasn’t sure so I bought one and well…loved it. Since there are tons of patterns, I’ll be ordering several more this season.

The stretchy material isn’t much different than some of the higher-end brands – and at a fraction of the cost! The coverage was good and the length was probably an inch shorter than my usual skirt length, but still enough to feel comfortable while golfing. The shorts are very light and comfortable. The only con I found was there are no pockets.

Callaway Golf Skirt / Skort

This Callaway Golf Skirt looks good and is a great staple to have in your golf wardrobe. It might even be good to have several in different colors. Easy to mix and match with different tops. They are comfortable and made of performance quick-drying material. They have 2 front pockets and a back pocket for golf accessories.

Royal and Awesome Golf Skirts

If you are looking for something a little more fun, check out these Royal and Awesome Golf Skirts. There are over a dozen fun and unique patterns. They are definitely a statement piece and could be a fun team tournament outfit.

Buying Guide and More Ideas – Golf Skirts for Women

1. What are there different lengths in golf skirts?

Yes, there are definitely various lengths in golf skirts.

My favorite length is about 2 inches above the knee as I like to be comfortable and have a bit more coverage on the course. I like to have at least a 16″ skirt length. Tennis skirts will be more along the lines of a 13.5″ skirt length.

Long Golf Skirts With More Coverage

2. Are short golf skirts acceptable?

As far as what is acceptable, golf courses have become a bit more lenient in the last few decades I’ve noticed, and accept various lengths and styles. However, there are still some private, exclusive or traditional golf clubs that follow a strict dress code on their course and in the clubhouse. Dress codes may limit the length of golf skirts and shorts.

Short Golf Skirts

3. What Are the Different Styles of Ladies Golf Skorts

There are so many different styles are being used in designing the latest golf skorts. You will see golf skorts with ruffles, pleats, lots of flow, bright colors, and many different patterns. So much to choose from!

Ruffled Golf Skirts and Pleated Golf Skirts

I love the new styles and bright colors of the island theme or resort wear golf skirts. So fun!

Cute Golf Skirts or Island Wear

5. Where Can I Find Cheap Golf Skirts That Are More Affordable?

You can find affordable or inexpensive golf skorts in many stores and online. The Internet has made it so much easier to find golf-specific clothes at very good prices and discounts. Be sure to check discounts especially at the end of the golf season as well as right before the golf season starts. Stores are trying to get rid of inventory before the new fashion lines arrive.

Affordable Golf Skirts

6. Where Can I Find Girls Golf Skirts?

I have found the best place to find girl’s golf skorts to be at PGA Tour Superstore as they have a great selection and are golf-specific. You can also find cute skirts at Athleta Girls, and Kohl’s.

Girls Golf Skirts

Where To Buy Golf Skirts / Golf Skorts

My 3 go-to places online to look for women’s golf clothes are Amazon, PGA Superstore, and ForeLadies Golf. These sites provide a nice assortment golf skirts / golf skorts (and other golf apparel) at different price points.

Have fun shopping and discovering all the amazing fun golf fashions.

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