How I Lost Weight Playing Golf & Other Golf Benefits

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Benefits of Golf:  Staying Active and Feeling Great

I have always loved to exercise, which meant I am usually at the gym or working out.  And it used to be that I would need to go running, cycling, or head to the gym to get in shape.  However, as I get older, I feel as though staying active and moving my body is just as important.

And playing golf is an activity that has provided me some wonderful benefits to my overall health and well being.   Without much effort, I was even able to lose some weight a few years ago while playing golf.

Here are the top reasons golf is such a great activity for your health.

Top Benefits of Golf and Health


Walking 9 holes of golf burns roughly 720 calories!  And it doesn’t matter as much whether you are carrying a bag over your shoulder or pushing a golf cart, according to Neil Wolkodoff, Director of the Rose Center for Health and Sports Sciences in Denver, CO.

His study discussed in a PGA Tour article shows that golf is actually a sport and is beneficial for your body as it burns a good amount of energy walking the course and playing golf.  Add another 9 holes and you’ve just burned roughly 1450 calories and walked roughly 5 miles without even taking any hills or course elevations into effect.

My home course is considered a walking course and has a fair amount of hills in some areas. I always feel like I had a great workout coming into the 19th hole.  Whenever possible I choose to walk instead of ride in the motorized carts because I know it will provide more exercise and activity.

Moving Your Body

Golf is an active sport and activity.  Swinging the golf club requires your body to move in many different ways and involves most of your body at some point in time.  From the feet to your legs, back, torso, arms and upper body.  A lot is involved in playing golf!

Being Outside in Nature

With traditional golf being played outside, I often enjoy and appreciate the great outdoors while golfing.  Some of my favorite rounds are played during the Fall while the leaves and the foliage are turning.  I just stand there soaking up and appreciating the vivid colors of red, orange and yellow all around me.  We took a trip up to Maine last year and were able to golf up in the mountains and were surrounded by nature trails, mountains and majestic views.  To be outside, playing golf and surrounded by and breathing in nature is so beneficial to your well being.

Golf is Social and A Way to Unplug

One of my favorite reasons for playing golf is that it is a social activity that can be spent with friends, family or colleagues.  What better way to spend time with people you care about – while out on the golf course.  It is an activity where you are able to engage, talk, and spend time with others.  And the best part is, we are engaged and typically not on any electronic devices while golfing.  A great way to unplug and spend quality time with others.

Staying Active and Eating Healthy

I mentioned at the start of this post that several years ago I was able to lose some extra weight as a side benefit to playing golf.  That particular summer I played a lot of golf and ended up losing 20 pounds.  I think the main reason was that I was outside moving and being active, walking whenever possible and eating healthy especially on the days I played golf.  My typical golf day meals included a breakfast of eggs and toast or a bowl of oatmeal.  I would drink water out on the course and eat a snack usually at the turn or after 9 holes.  Snacks included anything from a granola bar, apple, banana, or nuts.  And at the 19th hole, I usually had a salad with a protein.

Keeping Your Mind Mentally Strong

Being able to focus on shots, keeping nerves in check, calculating scores of you or your opponents, figuring out which clubs to use and when, as well as signaling your body to perform what your mind wants it to do is all a part of playing the game of golf.  Your brain must work to perform these activities which is a great way to keep your mind mentally strong and working.

So Many Benefits to Playing Golf

As you can see, the benefits that I have experienced while playing golf is huge.  These are the reasons why I continue to play this game.   As we get older, it is one of those activities that is fun, keeps you moving, great for the mind and mental capacity and is beneficial to your overall health and well being.  

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How I Lost Weight Playing Golf & Other Golf Benefits

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