It’s Masters Week! A Special Tournament and Learning From the Best Players In The World

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The Masters is Here

I realized just how much I enjoy watching this tournament every year especially when it was postponed a few years ago and not played in April.

There is something so very special about Augusta National, the excitement and the energy that can practically be felt everywhere.

History of the Masters Tournament at Augusta National

With the Masters being played in early April, I am always so revved up after tuning in.

Maybe it’s because golf courses are just opening up from the long winter and a new golf season is the prefect kickstart to the season where I live.

If you are looking for some motivation or inspiration, watching the Masters is a great way to be inspired. After Sunday at the Masters, I always want to get out and start swinging the clubs.

Attending the Masters is very high on my bucket list, maybe even #1! There is something so special about the place. My husband was able to attend a few practice rounds and he was so impressed with the grounds and the course. Just amazing.

I want to experience driving up the tree lined entrance to the clubhouse and see the beauty of Amen Corner and all the azaleas that are prominent along the course.

Amen Corner…where many exciting shots and heart wrenching mishaps tend to happen.  Watch this great video about Amen Corner at August National. How it got its name and why it is so challenging and fearsome.

Amen Corner at Augusta National

I was listening to an interview a few years ago by Rory McIlroy, and he was asked how he was going to play over the weekend. He had said it’s all about “committing, trusting, and getting out of my head”. He knows the course, he knows he can win, but it’s about getting past all the thinking and just doing and performing. 

Yes, even the top players have this issue in golf. The physical game, the pressure, and the mental game.

I like to watch these interviews and golf tournaments like the Masters because you can learn so much about the game.

And it can be especially helpful for beginner golfers just starting out. 

Just listening to the announcers – they are always talking about a golfer’s swing, their ball speed or swing speed, the distance hit, the direction of the shot (i.e. a fade or a draw), the rules of the game, certain penalty areas or hazards that are hit into, interesting statistics, the mental aspect, golf course management, loads of golf lingo and jargon, you name it. 

So much can be learned from just watching and listening! 

Tune in To the Masters

The Masters starts on Thursday and is played for 4 days.

If you can only watch a part of it, the last day or Masters Sunday can be the most exciting as the leaderboard is constantly changing and moving as the top players are jockeying for the lead.

I still remember watching Jordan Spieth’s painful end to his 2016 Masters run and when Tiger Woods won it again in 2019 after 14 years. The emotions, the ups and downs, and everything about this tournament are just so exciting and moving to watch.

How to Watch the Masters Tournament

CBS has been broadcasting the Masters for 68 years nows with Jim Nantz as host for the last 36 years.

Check here for the Masters schedule and how you can stream it or watch it online.

Be sure to check the Golf Channel too as they usually run “Live From The Masters” programming all week leading up to the tournament as well as post coverage and commentary.

What I love to watch in the days leading up to the Masters are all the interviews, player spotlights, and historical segments from years past. It is interesting to hear the history and traditions of this tournament and is inspiring and uplifting listening to all the personal stories.

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