Women’s Golf Day – Celebrating Women in the Game of Golf

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Women’s Golf Day Movement

What started as a way to get more women and girls to learn and play golf, Women’s Golf Day has continued to gain momentum over the last five years. By using popular platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, Women’s Golf Day has created a buzz through the social media golf world to help grow the game.

What is alluring is the mission itself.

To celebrate women and girls playing and learning the game of golf.

Women’s Participation in Golf

When I first started playing golf in the early 1990s, there really weren’t that many other women that I knew of that played. I usually was the only female at the driving range and ended up joining my boyfriend and his friends in a foursome.

While I grew up with two brothers, being the only girl amongst the boys was something I was used to.

It didn’t bother me too much to always have to play golf with the boys.

However, as I have gotten older I realize that many of my friends would like to play but it is hard to find the time and can be a complex game to learn. And it can be very intimidating especially to be the only female amongst the men.

Having other women for support is really important in keeping with the game.

Almost three decades later, my passion for golf has driven me to help grow the game. Blogging and using social media like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest have been a great way to help me on this mission.

Along the way, I have discovered other women like me who are also trying to help female golfers and increase female participation in golf.

I was really excited to see the Women’s Golf Day event, as it is something that any of us can join and get on board with to help foster the game. It also unites us all to come together to celebrate women and girls playing the game of golf.

What Is Women’s Golf Day?

The Founder, Elisa Gaudet, had been working in the golf industry for quite some time and wanted to provide more opportunities to anyone who wanted to get into the game, specifically women and girls.

A global golf day dedicated to this group was created. And now five years later the movement and initiative have grown like wildfire across social media and within the golfing world.

She and her team have had great success in building the campaign and have made it easy for influencers and passionate golfers like me to get on board and help grow the initiative and participate in the celebration and fun.

Things like wearing the signature colors of red and white, having it as a one-day event, and expanding it globally to other countries around the world have all contributed to its overwhelming success.

Strong List of Supporters

With strong supporters like the Footjoy, Titleist, TopGolf, the Golf Channel, and the PGA Tour Superstore, it is great that the top businesses in the golf industry are showing such strong support.

I loved seeing the display at my local PGA Tour Superstore highlighting Women’s Golf Day. As a supporter and participating facility, they hosted a Women’s Golf Day event in their stores across the country with golf instruction, clinics, discounts and free giveaways.

Women's Golf Day at PGA Tour Superstore

Below, we are celebrating Women’s Golf Day by showing our support and wearing Women’s Golf Day red and white for our ladies tournament.

Women's Golf Day - Women & Golf Celebration

As a bonus, we won first place. But more importantly, I loved that we could wear our red and white colors to show support for a great mission. Women’s Golf Day is all about women and girls coming together to play this great game.

When Is Women’s Golf Day

Women’s Golf Day is usually celebrated the first Tuesday in June of each year. They have also added a virtual day which was celebrated this past September.

WGD Palooza

WGD Palooza took place recently and included an introduction with Jack and Barbara Nicklaus as well as interviews and tips from Annika Sorenstam and other industry leaders from the golfing world.

Expanding Globally

With a dedicated team that supports its efforts across the golf industry, Women’s Golf Day has been able to expand globally. They are now operating in 900 locations in 68 countries all over the world.

Women’s Golf Day on Social Media

All you need to do to look for Women’s Golf Day is to type in the hashtag #womensgolfday or the profile @womensgolfday. The movement has reached almost 40 million people around the globe. It is inspiring to see so many posts celebrating this great day.

Love all the inspiring photos of women and girls enjoying their time together playing and learning golf.

Women's Golf Day on Instagram

How to Find A Women’s Golf Day Event or Participating Facility Near You

Be sure to visit the Women’s Golf Day website for more information.

And don’t forget to wear your red and white to help support the cause next June!

Women’s Golf Day – Celebrating Women in the Game of Golf

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