What Is the Proper Golf Attire for Ladies?

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Golf Dress Code for Women and Ladies Playing Golf

Knowing the proper golf attire is very important in the game of golf. Golf has been around for centuries and it has been known to follow its traditional ways.

The good thing is, men and women’s dress codes on the golf course have changed over the centuries and even decades.

Think men in knickers and a sports jacket and women in long skirts and heels. Well, thankfully times have changed and women can wear much-improved performance wear that allows us to move.

Ladies Golf Attire in the Past

Vintage Golf Fashion

It’s very stylish in a vintage sort of way, but I can’t imagine having to swing a golf club, carry golf clubs and walk a golf course in 80 or 90-degree weather in this outfit above from the early 1900’s.

Through the years, though golf fashion and styles have changed, there are still dress codes and traditions that golfers follow. Women’s golf fashion and style are captured in this article – an interesting look at how it has changed over the last 70 years.

Ladies Golf Attire Today – More Comfortable & Colorful

Many of us look at what the professional golfers are wearing during their televised tournaments, which have a large impact on what female golfers may wear on the golf course.

What Women Wear Golfing - Professional Golfer
LPGA Professional Lexi Thompson. Credit: Deposit Photos
Pro Golfers - What Women Wear Golfing
Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

Golf options and styles are becoming trendier and more stylish.


What Are You Allowed to Wear When Golfing?

Acceptable Ladies Golf Attire

Women seem to be able to have a lot more options than their male counterparts as far as golf attire on the golf course. Women can wear shorts, skorts, skirts, and pants. Most of the acceptableness is whether they are modest enough by having enough coverage. However, a lot more leniency is seen nowadays as golf is growing.

Golf Shorts Allowed on the Golf Course

Shorts Are Acceptable on the Golf Course

Golf shorts are part of the dress code for women. Though the men in professional golf all wear pants, women on the LPGA Tour and other Tours are allowed to wear shorts and skirts as well as pants. And for amateurs or recreational golfers, golf dress codes also include these items as well.

If a golf course has a dress code for shorts, I have typically seen it state that shorts can not be shorter than so many inches above the knee. How short and whether they enforce it is up to the golf course. Honestly, I haven’t really seen it enforced too much. I think the important thing to keep in mind on most golf courses is that the shorts are respectable and offer enough coverage.

Here are a few examples of what can be worn. These white golf shorts are very popular with recreational golfers and are very comfortable especially for golf. The blue Adidas golf shorts offer a little more coverage and length.

Golf Skirts or Golf Skorts Allowed on the Golf Course

Golf skirts today are pretty much golf skorts. These are skirts with shorts built into them underneath. These can be a lot of fun to wear and are often quite comfortable. The new materials are able to keep you cool and dry. There are many different lengths of golf skirts. The most popular are usually between 14″ – 20″ My personal favorite is 16″ or 17″ as it is comfortable and I can wear these skirts around town other than golf.

The white golf skirt below is 17″ in length. The black and white paisley skirt is 20″. Interestingly, the pink golf skirt says 14.5″ but I didn’t feel it was too short for me (I like to have some coverage). In fact it was very flattering and one of my favorite golf skirts.

Golf Pants Allowed on The Golf Course

Any length pant is allowed in golf. These golf pants here are representative of what you might see out golfing.

Because golf is played outdoors in the elements, capris and ankle length pants are popular as the hem doesn’t get too mucky. Dress codes in golf usually restrict jeans or any kind of denim. I have also seen cargo pants and sweatpants on the list at some private courses.

What Golf Tops Are Allowed in Golf?

Traditionally, acceptable golf tops have been all about having a collar. Collared golf shirts used to be the requirement. Pictured to your right would be your typical short sleeve collared golf shirt.

However I am seeing a change in the dress codes for women in the area of golf tops. First, mock collars are now being designed for golf. As seen on Tiger Woods and Michelle Wie West.

And long sleeve shirts don’t always need to have a collar, but many still do. However, if you are wearing a sleeveless golf shirt, this is where golf courses get stricter and typically require a collar.

Are Golf Dresses Allowed on the Golf Course?

Yes, golf dresses are allowed and acceptable golf attire. In fact, golf dresses are becoming more popular the last few years. Many dresses are made using comfortable fabrics specifically for golf with pockets and such where you can place balls and tees. And the majority come with shorts that you can wear underneath.

Here are two fashionable golf dresses from Fore-Ladies Golf, which is an online ladies golf store that has hundreds of golf styles and fashion. (Use Code LYNN for 10% off any order)

What Kind of Shoes Should I Wear To Golf?

Wearing golf specific shoes is not a requirement.

The dress code for golf shoes usually includes a statement about no wearing metal spikes and no flip flops. Though I don’t remember seeing a specific dress code on high heels, they would not be very comfortable playing golf – LOL.

I wouldn’t worry about metal spikes as I’m not even sure they still sell them. These used to be the standard for all golf shoes, but metal spikes caused a lot of damage to both golf courses and clubhouses.

Golf shoes today come in all different styles and looks.

Many look just like walking shoes, tennis shoes, or sneakers, which is a huge improvement since golfers tend to do a lot of walking during their round.

Women’s golf shoes come with soft spikes or are spikeless, both of which are made plastic. Spikeless do have a small tread or these little nubs that provide a little grip. Soft spikes provide much more traction than a spikeless golf shoe. And some golfers use the soft spikes to help produce more power in their golf swing.

My Buying Guide and post on Best Women’s Golf Shoes provides much more detail on ladies golf shoes and whether you are looking for comfort, weatherproof, or style.

Golf Hats

The only dress code requirement I have seen about hats is that you need to wear baseball caps forward and not backward.

The majority of golfers wear some kind of hat, mostly due to the sun. The standard look today is the baseball-style golf cap.

Sun Visors are still very popular because they don’t mush your hair down and can slide right on.

I like to wear baseball caps, but also tend to wear a sun hat with a wider brim for more sun protection.

My Buying Guide on Best Women’s Golf Hats for Sun Protection provides many different styles.

Golf Gloves

Most golfers wear 1 golf glove on their non-dominant hand.Golf gloves are worn to help produce a better grip. They are not required but the majority of golfers wear them.

Dress Codes & Golf Attire for Rain, Wind & Cold

When inclement weather hits, you want to be prepared. That means most things are good to wear to protect you. I pack a pair of rain pants in my golf bag when it looks like heavy rain.

Just make sure anything you wear doesn’t constrict you in any way with your golf swing and allows you to move.

  • Golfers usually wear golf-specific windshirts that block the wind. Waterproof rain jackets that are lightweight are essential for rainy days out on the course.
  • Dressing for golf in colder temperatures on cooler fall or spring days – sweaters, vests, lightweight jackets are great. Layering is the key.
  • Dressing for golf in the winter – anything goes to keep you warm. Dress codes are usually not enforced here since you are bundled up and typically it is during the offseason.

What Attire Is Not Allowed While Golfing?

If a golf course or club enforces a dress code. It typically does not allow denim or jeans, cargo shorts, yoga or athletic leggings, tank tops, tee shirts, cropped tops or midriffs, and flip flops. And I have heard of a few golf clubs restrict the length of a skirt or dress.

It is always best to be prepared.

Call the golf course or pro shop ahead of time and find out if you have questions or concerns with a particular outfit.

How Often Is a Dress Code Enforced At a Golf Course?

Because of golf’s traditional roots, some golf courses still enforce a dress code for both men and women.

Some golf facilities are a bit more lenient depending on where you play.

The most lenient and casual places are likely practice facilities, golf entertainment spots like TopGolf and indoor simulators, and smaller municipal or public golf courses.

Private clubs, famous well known and exclusive golf courses tend to be the strictest and enforce a dress code while playing golf and in the clubhouse.

In Closing – Proper Golf Attire for Women

What you can or can’t wear is important to know ahead of time especially if you are a beginner in golf. Being prepared can give you a boost in confidence before, during and after your round.

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Proper Golf Attire for Ladies

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