Proper Golf Attire for Women

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What Women Wear on the Golf Course – Beginner’s Guide

Knowing the proper golf attire for women is very important in the game of golf.

The good thing is, it has changed since year’s past when golf’s attire was much different.

Think men in knickers and a sports jacket and women in long skirts and heels. Well, thankfully times have changed and women can wear much-improved performance wear that allows us to move.

Ladies Golf Fashion, Traditions and Vintage Style

Vintage Golf Fashion

It’s very stylish in a vintage sort of way, but I can’t imagine having to swing a golf club, carry golf clubs and walk a golf course in 80 or 90-degree weather in this outfit (pictured above).

Through the years, though golf fashion and styles have changed, there are still dress codes and traditions that golfers follow. Women’s golf fashion and style are captured in this article – an interesting look at how it has changed over the last 70 years.

And golf definitely has a specific look. Many of us look at what the professional golfers are wearing on TV and in magazines which have a large impact on what golfers wear on the golf course.

Golf fashion is becoming trendier and more stylish.


I remember when I first started out golfing in the 1990s and all anyone ever wore were thick pleated khaki shorts and a collared polo shirt. That was about it for style on the golf course.

It is so much more fun now if you want to be stylish while golfing.

Golf Dress Codes and Etiquette

Golfers today do have a certain look and style and because of golf’s traditional roots, some golf courses still enforce a dress code.

Some places are a bit more lenient depending on where you play. Private clubs and exclusive golf courses are usually the most strict and enforce a dress code. Enforcing means not allowing you to play golf or entering the club house. You may have to purchase appropriate clothing at the Pro Shop if available.

The most lenient or low key places are practice facilities, golf entertainment, and some municipal or public golf courses.

What Is Typically Not Allowed if Enforcing a Dress Code

If a golf course or club enforces a dress code. It typically does not allow denim or jeans, cargo shorts, yoga or athletic leggings, tank tops, tee shirts, cropped tops or midriffs, and flip flops. And I have heard of a few golf clubs restrict the length of a skirt or dress.

It is always best to be prepared.

Call the golf course or pro shop ahead of time and find out if you have questions or concerns with a particular outfit.

Standard Golf Attire for Ladies

So, what is the typical golf outfit that women wear golfing?


These days, you will typically see women wearing a skort (skirt with shorts), shorts, or pants on the bottom.

  • Shorts – short shorts, mid length and knee length shorts are all seen on the golf course and at the driving range.
  • Skorts – these are skirts with shorts built into them underneath. So comfortable and perfect for golf.
  • Pants – capris and ankle length pants are typical


On top, golfers wear a golf or polo like shirt.

  • Golf shirt with a collar. Just remember the “collar” and you’ll most likely be good to go. These can include sleeveless tops, short and long sleeve shirts.
  • I’ve seen mock collars popping up as part of the golfing attire these days. Even Tiger Woods wears them occasionally. They are allowed in most golfing facilities but if you are not sure, call ahead and ask.

To help you get an idea, here are a few photos of me in different outfits over the season.

Golf Outfits for Women
Collared golf shirt, golf skort, baseball style cap with sunglasses, a golf glove and stylish golf shoes.

Golf Outfit for Female Golfers - Lynn on the Links
Sleeveless collared golf shirt, golf skort, hat, sunglasses, golf glove, sneaker style golf shoes for comfort.

Golf Outfits for Women
For cooler temperatures, a collared shirt under a sweater, skort, golf gloves, hat and sunglasses and golf shoes.

Golf Dresses

The newest trend I am seeing currently is golf dresses.

Many are made using comfortable fabrics specifically for golf with pockets and such where you can place balls and tees. And most come with shorts that you can wear underneath.

Golf Shoes

Wearing golf specific shoes is not a requirement.

The only requirement with golf shoes is that on most golf courses, you are NOT allowed to wear golf shoes with metal spikes.

These used to be the standard in all golf shoes, but the metal spikes caused a lot of damage to both golf courses and clubhouses.

Golf shoes today come in all different styles and looks.

Many look just like walking shoes, tennis shoes, or sneakers.

Adidas PureBoost XG 2 Women's Golf Shoe
Yes, these are my newest pair of golf shoes for this season!

They now come in choices of soft spikes or spikeless, both of which are now made of plastic.

Golf shoes with soft spikes may provide more traction on slippery terrain than a spikeless golf shoe or sneaker. And some golfers like to grip the ground in their golf swing for more power.

In this case, they should wear golf shoes with soft spikes.

I have a post on Best Women’s Golf Shoes and it takes a look at the many different styles today whether you are looking for comfort, waterproof, or style.

Women's Golf Shoes

Today’s golf shoes have it all!

Golf Hats

There is no requirement to wear a hat while golfing.

However, because golf can be hard to play with the sun in the eyes, most golfers wear some kind of hat.

The standard look today is the baseball-style golf cap.

Sun Visors are still very popular because they don’t mush your hair down and can slide right on.

Many have a wider bill for more sun protection than a ball cap.

I am also seeing more and more wide-brimmed and bucket hats to help protect the ears and back of the neck from sun damage.

Read the post I have on Best Women’s Golf Hats for Sun Protection.

Sun Glasses for Golf

I personally don’t like the glare from the bright sun and want to protect my eyes from the sun, but I have many friends that don’t wear sunglasses while golfing.

This is up to you.

Sunglasses made for sports are great because they stay on if you are sweaty and are usually lightweight. I kind of switch back and forth with my sports sunglasses and my fashion sunglasses.

Some sunglasses are even designed specifically for golf and can help you see the golf ball more easily using new technology.

Whatever you want to wear is fine and there is no requirement.

Golf Gloves

Most golfers wear 1 golf glove on their non-dominant hand.

Golf gloves are worn to help produce a better grip. They are not required but the majority of golfers wear them.

I actually wear 2 at times. I started wearing 2 because I wanted to protect my hands from the sun and now I actually like the better grip on both hands.

Golf Clothes in All Weather

Golf is pretty much an outdoor activity with the exception on the newer golf entertainment and simulators.

This means that golfers need to dress appropriately for all types of weather.

Where I live, we get all 4 seasons and I am proud to say I now have golfed in all four of them. I have many different outfits for all sorts of weather on the golf course.

Golf Outfit
For colder temperatures, a jacket, pants,
hat, sunglasses.

The thing to keep in mind with any outerwear is to make sure that it doesn’t constrict you in any way with your golf swing and allows you to move properly and still protect you from the elements.

  • Dressing for golf in the heat – in the heat, lightweight, breathable, and light-colored is usually the way to go.
  • Dressing for the golf in wind and rain – golfers usually wear golf-specific windshirts that block the wind. Waterproof rain jackets that are lightweight are essential for rainy days on the golf course.
  • Dressing for golf in cooler weather – on cooler fall or spring days, you can wear a sweater, a vest, or a lightweight jacket. Wearing layers on the top is a great way to be ready for a cool day that gets warmer and vice versa.
  • Dressing for golf in the winter – anything goes to keep you warm. Dress codes are usually not enforced here since you are bundled up and typically it is during the offseason. The most important thing is to keep your fingers, toes, and head warm.

In Closing

Golf attire for ladies is important to know ahead of time especially if you are a beginner in golf.

Knowing what to wear on a golf course can give you a boost in confidence which is helpful for your overall game. Be sure to check out some of the other beginner golf posts below.

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Proper Golf Attire for Women

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