What Is The Difference Between a Golf Skirt and a Tennis Skirt?

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Golf Skirts Versus Tennis Skirts

The biggest difference between a golf skirt and a tennis skirt is the length.

The second difference is the style.

Some golf skirts are looking more and more like tennis skirts so it can be somewhat confusing at times.

Athleisure wear and athletic or sports apparel have become a massive market. Both golf and tennis have benefitted from this as there are more and more new brands, styles, and choices.

How Tennis Skirts and Golf Skirts Differ

Difference Between a Golf Skirt and Tennis Skirt

Skirt Length

The biggest difference between these two types of skirts is the length of the skirt.

Golf skirts in general are designed to be longer than a tennis skirt. If you look at the actual form of exercise between golf and tennis, each skirt is designed for its unique function.

In other words, the movement required for tennis versus golf is different.

A tennis skirt allows for more free movement as there is more running, pivoting, and jumping to retrieve and return tennis balls.

Whereas a golf skirt isn’t designed for as much running or jumping but does allow for walking, bending, and rotating the body as required in a golf swing.

Built In Shorts

Both golf and tennis skirts usually have built-in shorts underneath. I have found only a few brands that don’t include a pair of shorts with a golf skirt. Just be sure to check the description when purchasing a golf skirt.


The other difference between a tennis skirt and a golf skirt is the amount pockets.

Since a tennis skirt is shorter and designed for athletic movement, they don’t usually include too many pockets. Pockets aren’t a necessity as in golf since a tennis player can tuck a tennis ball in the undershorts.

Golf skirts on the other hand, usually include front pockets and at least one back pocket. A golf skirt with pockets makes it a lot easier to hold tees, an extra ball, ball markers, a divot repair tool, and a scorecard if desired.


The fabric for both golf skirts and tennis skirts is performance wear. This means that brands are using materials that are lightweight to keep an individual cool in hot weather. Fabrics can also wick moisture away from the body, as well as include SPF protection.

I have found that golf skirts also come in various other materials such as cotton blends, stretchy rayon fabrics, and not just athletic wear. They have more flexibility in offering other fabric options.

Styles, Patterns, & Fasteners

Golf skirts do tend to have more of a selection when it comes to different styles than tennis skirts. Whereas tennis skirts don’t come with belt loops, zippers, buttons, and snaps – golf skirts do.

Golf skirts can be athletically designed like tennis or running skirts or can be more casual and even worn on or off the course or around town.

Styles might include wrap skirts, pleated skirts, and skirts with fun fringe and ruffles.

Tennis skirts too have begun to add some flair and fun to their designs as well.

Can I Wear a Tennis Skirt Golfing?

Can I Wear a Tennis Skirt Golfing?

The big question as a golfer is can you wear a tennis skirt out on the golf course?

Yes and no.

Sorry, you are probably looking for a more definitive answer, but golf’s roots are steeped in traditional golf attire. The answer really depends on the golf course or facility where you will be playing.

Many courses are becoming more lenient with regard to keeping with a traditional strict golf attire or dress code. What I have found is that the more exclusive or private a club is, will usually dictate how strict they are in enforcing a dress code. When golf courses or clubs enforce a skirt rule, it will usually include something like “golf skirts or shorts must be no higher than X inches above the knee”.

It really depends on the golf course where you are playing. I think the key is whether it provides enough coverage while golfing and is respectable enough. If you are unsure, it is always best to call ahead and ask the Pro Shop at the golf club. (Just ask them if they have any enforced dress code rules for the length of a skirt)

Another thing to think about is whether you will want to have pockets. Especially to hold a few tees and a golf ball.

If you are unsure, it is always best to call ahead and ask the Pro Shop at the golf club.

Final Thoughts

There are definitely differences between a tennis skirt and a golf skirt. I have worn a tennis skirt on the practice range a few times as sometimes I may head from the tennis courts to the range. I have also played tennis in a golf skirt and it worked, but it felt a bit restrictive in my movement as the golf skirt was a little too long and narrow for the running and jumping needed in tennis.

It’s definitely a personal choice whether to wear a tennis skirt or golf skirt, depending on a lot of factors as mentioned above.

Golf is becoming so much more of an athletic activity and has many more fashion options today. The differences between the two are becoming blurred as golf skirts are available in athletic and high-performance materials and designs – and look and feel like a tennis or running skirt.

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