Best Ladies Hybrid Golf Clubs

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Women’s Hybrid Golf Club Review (Buying Guide) for 2021

Hybrid golf clubs have come to the rescue!

Can I tell you how much I love my hybrids?? This is a post I was excited to write about because I just love the hybrid golf clubs in my bag.

Hybrids have helped improve my golf game. They have made it a lot easier for me to make good shots around the course from the fairway, rough and other areas.

If you do not have one of these clubs, it is definitely something to start thinking about.

Most club sets do come with one or two hybrid clubs. If you are looking for a women’s golf club set, I have a post on the best sets to purchase.

If you already have a set of clubs and want to add a hybrid or two, I provide a top 5 list of recommended Women’s or Ladies’ Hybrid Golf Clubs.

Keep reading further down below for answers to the most frequently asked questions about hybrid, rescue and utility golf clubs.

Review of Top 5 Women’s Hybrid Golf Clubs

Callaway Mavrik Women’s Hybrid Golf Clubs

Callaway is a wonderful brand known to produce quality golf clubs for men and women.

The Mavrik has been a home run and the ladies hybrid golf clubs are a great addition to the line.

They offer the 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 for any mix of hybrid clubs you might want.

These Callaway Mavrik Max Ladies Hybrid Clubs offer a nice easy high-flighted launch and helps to optimize ball speed using the Jailbreak technology. The lofts are set a bit higher to help with higher and easier shots.

Light weight graphite shafts are used for more ball speed and distance.

TaylorMade M6 Women’s Rescue Hybrid Club

TaylorMade designed the first “rescue club” and had great success in marketing and getting these clubs out to the golfing population.

As a quality designer and manufacturer of golf clubs, they still offer outstanding innovation in their rescue or hybrid clubs.

This TaylorMade M6 Ladies Rescue Hybrid Golf Club is designed for extra forgiveness with their Twist Face technology.

The purpose is to create straighter, longer shots for mis-hits and off-center shots.

Increase your ball speed or overall distance with a low center of gravity and steel body construction in the clubhead face.

This club makes it easy to hit off the fairway as it is more flush with the turf or grass.

Cobra F-Max Women’s Hybrid Golf Club

Cobra was one of the first brands to offer a utility club which is now referred to as a hybrid golf club.

They are still at the forefront of hybrid technology and innovation with golf clubs today.

This particular Cobra F-Max Ladies Hybrid Golf Club helps golfers with moderate to slower swing speeds by designing the shaft to be lighter and easier to handle.

It is especially good for any golfers that might have a hard time hitting fairway woods.

The offset design also helps golfers that may slice or fade the ball and want a club to help straighten out some of their shots.

These Cobra hybrids produce a nice high ball flight to help with softer landings on the approach shots to the green.

Callaway Women’s Rogue Hybrid Golf Club

Callaway’s Jailbreak technology was first introduced a few years back and had a successful line with the Rogues.

In fact, I still use and love my Rogue driver and fairway wood.

The Callaway Ladies Rogue Hybrid Golf Club was the first hybrid to use this Jailbreak technology which helps produce what I like to call a pop of power off the clubface.

Ensuring maximum ball speed and more distance at impact.

XXIO Women’s Hybrid Golf Club

XXIO is a brand that specifically designs clubs for women with a slower swing speed and who need an ultralight golf club.

This XXIO Ladies Hybrid Golf Club is one of the lighter hybrids offered today.

The ultralightweight golf club helps provide more flexibility in the club which can add more distance and speed to your swing and ball.

The weighting of the clubhead also helps produce a smoother swing for ease and efficiency.

And the Cup Face design helps with forgiveness for mishits and off center shots.

Final Recommendation

My overall best pick for a women’s hybrid golf club would be the TaylorMade M6 Women’s Rescue Hybrid Club for their overall forgiveness and ease hitting off tight lies in the fairway. And the Callaway Mavrik Max Women’s Hybrid Golf Club a close second for their Jailbreak technology and solid feel. And their club selection is robust with their offerings.

Guide to Hybrid Golf Clubs

What is a Hybrid Golf Club?

A hybrid golf club is a cross between a fairway wood and an iron.

There is something about the design of the hybrid golf clubs that I love. They help me get the ball nice and high in the air and I am able to connect solidly with them.

Some use hybrids to get out of the rough. Some use them as a replacement for their hard to hit 3 wood especially off the fairway.

They are designed to be more forgiving and easier to hit and provide a higher trajectory.

And yes, even professional Tour players have them in their bag.

So, let me answer of the most common questions about the hybrid golf club.

Hybrid Golf Clubs Explained

First of all, what is the difference between a hybrid, a rescue and a utility club?

Nothing really. They are all pretty much the same. It’s a matter of marketing but also how the hybrid golf club was first introduced.

The hybrid club was first called a “utility” club and was introduced 50 years ago or so.

It didn’t really take off until the 2000’s and at that time TaylorMade came out with their own version called a “rescue” club (and still uses the term today in their product lines).

This was about the time that these hybrid clubs started to become more and more popular as many golfers were finding great success hitting them.

The first time I used one, it was called the Baffler by Cobra and it was among the clubs in my mother-in-law’s golf set she gave me.

Once I started using this rescue club as she called it at the time, it became my favorite club in the bag. (I still have it!)

A fun quick read here on the first utility golf clubs that came on the scene – the Baffler versus the Ginty.

What is the Advantage of Hybrid Golf Clubs?

Another question might be “Are hybrid golf clubs worth it?”

The purpose of hybrid golf clubs when they first came on the scene was to help you get out of trouble, where you had to hit out of thick rough, fescue, and tight lies.

Thus the name utility and rescue golf clubs.

So yes, that reason alone provides an advantage to using hybrids on the golf course.

Today’s technology has created an even more advantageous modern golf club that provides more than just getting you out of trouble spots.

Many golfers use these hybrids to replace some of their harder to hit golf clubs like long irons and fairway woods.

I struggle with my 3 wood, so I tend to use a 4 hybrid now as a replacement because I can get it higher into the air and for me it is much easier to hit solidly.

The advantage of using these new hybrids is that they are designed to be much easier to hit off the fairway and in the rough. I know many golfers that also use these rescue clubs in fairway bunkers as they provide the distance needed with a bit more loft to get out of the sand trap.

Definitely worth it to carry at least one hybrid in the golf bag!

What Hybrids Should I Carry?

These days you can find hybrids from 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 which pretty much correlate to irons.

You could essentially replace all your irons with hybrids.

However, most golfers carry one or two hybrids in their bag.

If you are using them to replace your longer irons (2, 3, or 4) or fairway woods, you can use a 3 or 4 hybrid.

Just know that with the higher trajectory when using a utility club, the ball won’t roll as much so the distance may be less than one of the long irons or fairway woods it is replacing.

If you just want a club to help you get out of trouble areas, a 5 or 6 hybrid is great to have.

As I have gotten older, I seem to be replacing more and more irons in my bag for hybrids. I now carry a 4, 5, 6, and 7 hybrid. The only irons I carry are an 8 and 9.

What Hybrid Lofts Should I Use?

Different golf brands and manufacturers use various lofts or degrees for their hybrids. Just like any other clubs like irons and fairway woods.

The higher the loft or degree, the higher the ball flight will be and the easier it is to hit the ball.

Here is a very general listing of how loft or degrees correlate to the numbered hybrid golf clubs, but please keep in mind that every brand is different and can vary pretty widely.

  • 4 H – 22 degrees
  • 5 H – 25 degrees
  • 6 H – 28 degrees
  • 7 H – 31 degrees
  • 8 H – 38 degrees
  • 9 H – 42 degrees

Final Thoughts

I hope this hybrid information and guide helps you with your golfing journey.

There is much to learn in golf club equipment and technology areas as well as everything else.

My purpose is to answer questions and provide information on all things golf. I’ll be providing more and more posts and articles like these to help.

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