Perfect Practice Putting Mat Review – Why I Love This Putting Mat!

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Practice Your Putting With This Mat and Watch Your Scores Drop

With all the practice and golfing that had to be done at home this past year, I wanted to find a putting mat that could really take my game to the next level.

One that could actually help my putting stroke and maximize the time I spend practicing at home. Since there is somewhat of a limit when it comes to practicing golf at home even with all the great gadgets, hitting nets and training aids, I love the idea of putting at home to help my game.

Why? Because it’s easy and not too time-consuming to roll some putts several times during the day or evening.

During work hours or while I’m doing housework, I can easily take a 5 – 10 minute break and head over to my putting mat and putt. When my family and I are binge watching Netflix, getting up to practice putts is also a great way to get myself off the couch and move, all while not missing a beat on any shows.

Why I Finally Purchased The Perfect Practice Putting Mat

I had seen the Perfect Practice Putting Mat on social media for a while and was definitely intrigued. Many professional golfers were endorsing it so I thought I would check it out.

I actually already had a basic putting turf mat I had bought years ago. If I upgraded, I wanted to make sure this new putting mat was going to be worth the extra money.

So, I did some research and liked what I found.

The features that interested me that my current mat didn’t have included putting lines to help with alignment, a few different lengths to choose from for longer putts. And I really liked the overall look. A putting mat that I could keep out in my living room if visitors came over.

I went ahead and purchased it and have had no regrets buying it. In fact, I decided to write this review to show how much I truly love this putting mat and why all my friends, followers and golfing buddies should have one of these in their house to help improve their golf game.

Personal Review of the Perfect Practice Putting Mat

I purchased the standard size, which comes with a 9 foot putting mat and 2 putting holes.

It arrived in a nice sized medium box (with the photo of Dustin Johnson endorsing and using it) and was extremely easy to assemble even for me. Less than 5 minutes to take it out of the box and put the various pieces together.

Once assembled, the putting mat had to be unrolled to lay flat. This was the most time consuming part. I gave it a couple of days and didn’t actually try it sooner as I wanted to give it the time to really flatten out.

We had a long wooden board around the same size that we placed over the mat that worked really well.

Many people may not have a long board to use, so you can also use some books or magazines if you want to help flatten it quicker. I don’t think a full 2 days is needed either.

Prefect Practice Putting Mat At Home

Features I Love

Ok, so let’s get to it. Here’s why I am ga ga over this Perfect Putting Mat.

Quality & Overall Look

The quality of the mat itself is really quite nice. It is not made of astroturf or artificial grass turf that you typically would see on other putting mats or home putting greens. It is more of a synthetic vinyl of some sort which means no real friction when putting. The rubber backing on the putting mat helps prevent sliding on hard floors or a rug.

The wooden pieces are a medium to dark stain with almost a slight mahogany look and feel. The pieces that come with the structure including the mat, connect well, are sturdy and not cheap feeling.

The look of the overall structure and putting mat is sophisticated enough for a nice office, a living or family room, rec room, or really wherever. A friend of mine was asking for a nice birthday gift for her husband and I suggested this as it is not only useful for any golfer, but also looks nice in any room in the house.

Perfect Practice Putting Mat Quality

Two Putting Hole Options

The standard size and longer lengths come with two putting holes sizes. (see photo above)

To practice being a better putter, I love to use the smaller hole as it makes my putting more precise.

Lines for Directional Alignment

Putting Alignment for Perfect Practice Putting Mat

I mentioned alignment and putting above. The Perfect Practice Putting Mat comes with the option of lines – solid and dotted. The purpose of these lines is to help line up putts.

What I realized when I first started using this mat was that my putts were not rolling straight and most times I tended to pull my putts to the left. What this mat has helped me do is bring my putter straight back and straight through. Creating a much straighter path with less pulled putts.

These lines help ensure my putter is in alignment all the way through the putting stroke.

Length Options

The mats come in various lengths, compact (total structure if 8′ long and 9″ wide), standard (9’6″ L x 15″ W), and XL (15’6″ x 15″ wide).

The compact size has only 1 putting hole while the other two sizes come with the option of the 2 holes. If you can fit at least the standard length in your house, I highly recommend it.

Perfect Practice Putting Mat Distance Markers & Length

To be able to putt 9 foot putts is much different than putting 3 – 5 footers, so the longer length is great. And if you want really long putts at 15′, get the XL as long as you have the space.

Efficient Ball Return

Who wants to have to walk up to retrieve your golf ball after every putt?

For purposes of ease and efficiency in putting practice, a ball return is great to have. I especially like this one because you can grab a couple of balls or a half dozen and line them up in the queue, like in bowling. And just fire away, putt after putt without having to keep retrieving your golf balls.

The ball return is a long wooden piece that brings the ball back. It is made up of 4 different pieces, which allows it to be adjustable or customizable in length.

The wooden pieces have magnets that click together. If you are practicing shorter putts, you can easily make the ball return shorter and take a piece or 2 out. I tend to leave it the full length as I find it just as easy to grab the golf balls from the queue.

Speed of Roll and Stimp Meter Rating on Perfect Practice Putting Mat

One question you may have is how fast the golf ball rolls on this putting mat.

I had this same question when looking into purchasing it.

In terms of feel, I love the smoothness of the roll on this mat. I think it is fairly similar to my home course, maybe a tad bit faster which is a good thing for me as I find it much harder to adjust to a faster green than a slower one when playing golf. The technology that is used for the mat is called “crystal velvet true roll technology” and it is what gives it the smooth, efficient roll and speed that it provides.

From the Perfect Practice website, the stimp meter averages about a 10 – 14 depending on the underlying surface. A harder surface like hardwood, the ball will roll like a 14. If the mat is situated on a thicker carpet, it’ll be more like a 10 (slower). I like my mat being on hardwood flooring, as I like a faster ball speed when putting.

To me, this adjustability and the overall speed is wonderful. Here’s why.

Last year, I had a big tournament where they rolled the greens and were super fast. Much faster than what I was used to. I want to be able to practice on a fast green so I can get used to it for tournaments, competitive matches or new courses where the greens are much faster. This putting mat provides me a way to do this without trying to find a faster practice green somewhere.

Other Features I Like

The Uphill Ramp

Each mat has an uphill slope or ramp.

At first, I wasn’t so sure I liked this as I like to nestle the ball right up next to the hole while on the course.

Yes, too many times I used to putt well past the hole. So, my fear has been that of sending the ball past the hole for another hard putt and thus, leading to a dreaded 3 putt.

But, what I have recently found is that professional golfers do not leave their putts short.

Perfect practice putting Mat Uphill Ramp

If they miss, it is typically just past the hole or to the side just a touch. If you always leave your putts short, they won’t go in the hole.

Safe to say then, that if you can at least get the ball to the hole, you’ve already increased your percentages of making that putt compared to a short putt. The purpose of the ramp is make sure you hit it with just enough extra speed to get it to the hole. Using this ramp has changed my perspective when practicing my putts and is helping me get the ball to the hole.

Removable Backboard and Golf Ball Holder

This putting structure accounts for mishits and overhits where putts might go off the back of the mat. This has a removable wooden backboard that keeps the golf ball from rolling off the back of the structure. Another nice option to have.

And behind the board is a nice place to keep a couple of extra golf balls.


I would say that the putting mat is fairly portable. I have had to take it down a few times as well as move it to another room. Fairly easy to move with the various pieces. And while you may not want to store the mat rolled up tightly, you could fold the mat loosely instead. Even if you rolled it up, all you would need to do is take the time to let it flatten out again.

Very easy to move around, take down and reassemble.

Pros and Cons – Perfect Practice Putting Mat


  • Nice quality.
  • Sophisticated looking.
  • Longer length options for longer putts.
  • Distance markers.
  • Mat, putting hole and ball return – bundled together.
  • Directional lines (option) for alignment aid.
  • Additional training aids for improving the putting stroke.
  • Putting mat has a true feel and roll.
  • 2 holes with different size options for putting.
  • Left handed mats available.


  • Length. It could be a bit long for some spaces. Make sure to measure your space. While it is easy to move around and fold up, it is always best to order the right size option.
  • Price. It is on the higher side for price compared to other putting mats on the market. As long as you use it, it is well worth the money as it is such a great training aid and tool for taking your game to the next level.

Perfect Practice Discount and How To Order

The reasons why I really do love this putting mat are the features that help my putting game and the quality of the product. There is also an attention to detail that indicate the designers put a lot of thought into not only the overall look and feel of their product, but truly wanted to make sure it works and helps golfers improve their golf games.

If you are interested in finding more info or want to order a Perfect Practice Putting Mat, follow this link and be sure to use the discount “LYNNLINKS15” at checkout and you’ll get an additional 15% off.

Oh and be sure to check out their additional training tools/accessories as well as their FREE videos under the Drop 5 System section (on the website). It includes 5 sample video drills you can use with the mat. They are a great way to get started.

Once you receive your mat, you’re going to rock the putting game. Remember that the only way to really become proficient and consistent with your putting is practice. And yes, this is the “perfect” way to practice putting at home or in your office and to help you make more 1 and 2 putts and lower scores.

Remember putting is one of the best areas to focus on in golf and doesn’t require extra strength or brute force.

Practice, dedication and some commitment will go a long way.

Drive for show, putt for dough!

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