Harmon Golf – Boston’s Best Kept Secret

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Harmon Golf – Improve Your Golf Game and Take It to the Next Level

As an avid golfer who is constantly thinking about how to improve my golf game, I have always been intrigued by Harmon Golf in Rockland, Massachusetts.   

Since it is only located about 20 minutes away, I decided to attend a golf clinic offered on course management and mental strategies. A very important topic that I love to learn about.

And when it was time for me to upgrade my golf clubs this past winter, I decided to get a custom club fitting. To which I turned to Harmon Golf again for their Master Club Fitting services.

The club fitting was thorough. And such a personalized experience. If you haven’t had the chance to be fitted for golf clubs, I highly recommend it. If you are interested in all that a custom club fitting at Harmon Golf entails, read Club Fitting Review with a Master Club Fitter which provides a detailed account of my experience with Master Club Fitter, Jonathan Almeida.

What Is Harmon Golf?

Is it a golf club?  A practice facility?  A golf academy?  A fitness center?

Yes. To all of the above.

It’s not a traditional private or public golf club.  It’s not a typical golf range facility either.  The tagline is “Learn. Practice. Play. Better.”  True to its word, the facility provides a place for golfers of all levels to come train and improve their golf games.   

9 Hole Golf Course

Through their various memberships offered, golfers have access to a 9 hole golf course and a 9 hole short course that is perfect for practicing the short game.  

Harmon Golf Boston
Aerial View of Harmon Golf’s Courses

9 Hole Golf Short Course

Having a short par 3 or wedge course with plenty of bunkers and greens allows you the ability to practice your short game, which is safe to say where a good majority of practice should be spent. 

Year-Round Golf Practice Range

Harmon Golf also has a practice range facility that offers both an outdoor practice range and partially covered hitting bays with Top Tracer technology. Providing year-round practice in New England weather is important as the official golf season can be short. 

Golf Academy – Golf Instruction & Club Fitting

The top-notch golf academy & learning center has earned high marks from Golf Digest. Recognized for their excellence in golf instruction and club fitting, both are listed in the magazine’s Top 50 Instructors and Top 100 Clubfitters in America.   

Club Fitters at Harmon Golf
Harmon Golf Club Fitting Area

Golf Fitness Center

A growing trend over the last decade has been golf fitness. Now more than ever before, golfers are looking at how they can elevate their games to a higher level. Training the body so it is stronger and more flexible can help with improved power and movement.

Harmon Golf has been in the golf fitness game for many years seeing it as an important part of the game. Their fitness trainers are certified with TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) and are experts in golf-specific exercises.

Dining Facilities

The facility also includes a full-service restaurant and bar for refreshments, meals, and post-round gatherings.  Perfect for after-round gatherings and socializing.

Family Operated and Golf for Everyone

Welcome to Harmon Golf Boston

Greg Simeone, President of Harmon Golf wanted to provide a place for anyone and everyone to come play, practice and socialize.

Harmon Golf provides a place for everyone, no matter their age, gender, or skill level.  They believe anyone should be able to play.

Juniors and kids practically grow up here at this facility, sometimes spending their whole day participating in junior clinics, hitting balls at the range, and playing 9 holes with their friends.  What greater place to send your children?  Hanging out with like-minded kids, not glued to their electronic devices or TV all day.  And learning a lifelong activity that will provide enjoyment for years to come. 

Harmon Golf Member Perspective

I reached out to a good friend of mine who has personal experience as a member of Harmon Golf. With the family membership, her entire family has been able to utilize the facility in different ways.

“We used Harmon Golf Club as a family for a couple of seasons, taking advantage of the exceptional practice facilities – in addition to the range, multiple putting greens, chipping areas and a par 3 course. My daughter and I took lessons at Harmon to kickoff the season.  My husband played in the Club Championship.  And we enjoyed having lunch at Harmon in addition to working on our golf throughout the season.”

– K. Kennedy

Their son, Conor, has been a Harmon Golf Club member for the last 4 years, joining after they moved to the area from Pennsylvania.

Conor is currently a Senior at Boston College High School and Captain of the Varsity Golf Team. Since becoming a member, he works out and/or practices at Harmon almost daily.

I asked him a few questions about the club for a more personal perspective for anyone interested in the club.

Q: How has Harmon Golf helped your golf game?

A: Harmon Golf helped me immensely with my game through the many different outlets for practice. It cannot be overstated how well equipped Harmon is to help golfers of all levels improve their games. For starters, having the indoor simulators and covered hitting bays with top tracer technology allows you to practice year-round while seeing your ball striking stats. There are also several opportunities to improve your short game with the “short course” par 3 wedge course, a 90-yard wedge range, and several green complexes to practice putting. 

No matter how busy it may be at Harmon, there is always somewhere to go and practice your short game. Also, the 9-hole course provides a good test to all golfers. I have improved my game by learning strategies to play the course in a more effective and conservative manner, while also improving my ball striking by playing away from the looming water all around the course. 

Q: How is the caliber of training?

A: Both the golf and fitness instructors are eager to work with those who want to improve, and they provide useful tips. There is no better club to practice your game in New England than Harmon Golf.

The gym and training staff at Harmon Golf provide key tips and opportunities to improve your fitness in a way that directly impacts your game. 

When I started there I was a 12 handicap, and I have worked my way down to the low single digits.

Q: How does the club offer winter or off-season training? 

A: Many Harmon members hit balls throughout the winter in the covered bays, practice on the indoor golf simulators, as well as continue golf-related workouts in the gym.

Harmon is an excellent year-round golf club! 

New Addition – Top Tracer Technology & Entertainment

Greg Simeone is excited to announce their newest addition to the facility. State of the art hitting bays with monitors much like you would see at a golf entertainment facility. 

The popularity of these partially indoor golf spaces has grown in recent years, providing a form of entertainment and socializing in the golf space, and can also be used to help improve your game.  

Jonathan Almeida, Director of Club Fitting mentioned that once things open up a bit more, this additional outdoor hitting area will be a great addition to the club offerings. He stated that the outdoor patio will use monitors that use the same Top Tracer technology.

“That is the tracer line when watching the PGA Tour on tv. The same monitors and technology are always on and functional under the covered section of the driving range. An amazing practice tool to get yardages, and proximities to the targets out on the range. All of the targets are in the system as well as the ability to play simulated golf, compete in long drive, and closet to the pin contests, with anyone at any other station on the range. If you have logged in throughout the day there is a leaderboard and you can check your stats against anyone else who has logged in to compete”.

Built and installed just before the pandemic hit, they have had to use the space for outdoor dining, however will be utilized as soon as indoor golf facilities and restaurants are opened back up again.  The club is excited in looking ahead and believes these new hitting stations will be a great place to come, relax, hit some balls, compete and socialize at the same time.  

More Info on Harmon Golf

As a golfer who is constantly aiming to improve, Harmon Golf Club provides it all.  From golf instruction, expert club fittings by a Master Club Fitter to TPI certified golf fitness trainers, this is the place to go for lowering scores, handicaps, improving one’s game, and socializing with a community of other golfers.  

If you are interested in more information regarding the Harmon Club and membership options, be sure to visit their website here.  

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Harmon Golf – Boston’s Best Kept Secret for Improving Your Golf Game and Taking It to the Next Level

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