Widows Walk Golf Course – Scituate, Massachusetts

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Environmentally Responsible Golf With a Challenge

Widows Walk Golf Course - Environmentally Friendly

Widows Walk Golf Course was one of the very first golf courses I played when we first moved to the area in 1997. Having just opened, the course was brand new and I remember two things about it.

It was hard.

And I lost a lot of golf balls.

So when I had the chance to play it again this year, 20+ years later, I was interested to see if I still had the same thoughts.

I was a new golfer back then too, only having played for a few years.

We had signed up as a two some, and asked if there was anyone else we could play with.

First of all, I thought it would be helpful if others knew the course and could help direct us on where to aim, and what trouble might lie ahead. And also for the social aspect. I really do enjoy getting to know other people.

And what better way than on a golf course where you spend over four hours together?

We ended up being paired with another two some, a man and a woman. Neither lived in the area, but worked together nearby.

The woman had taken up the game because of the passion that her boss had for the game and they often went out for 9 holes after work. Widows Walk was their go-to favorite because of the proximity, the challenge it provided, and the amazing value.

What I love about this course is that it was the first-ever environmental demonstration course in the United States. They had 3 sets of greens with varying types of materials used in building them up and were able to see how each of them would hold up over the years.

The original plan was to design a course that would be environmentally responsible. Meaning it would preserve as much of the natural landscape as possible and attempt to use as little utilities and resources like water as possible.

Widows Walk Golf Course Walking Bridge
A walking bridge through the woods at Widows Walk Golf Course.

According to their website, “As a commitment to the environment Widow’s Walk became a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary course in 2002.  This program ensures that we continue to be a benefit to the environment by establishing avian nesting box programs, providing habitats for numerous other species of animals, and using integrated pest management to apply the least amount of water, pesticides and fertilizer as possible.”

There were some growing pains in the beginning where there were too many demands and played at capacity in the first years.

However, I think they have done a great job in keeping with the original plan for the environment and creating an enjoyable course that is now more playable and yet still challenging.

And the great part is that this time around, I didn’t lose any golf balls!

Widows Walk Golf Course 17th Hole

Widows Walk Golf Course - Scituate Massachusetts
18th Hole at Widows Walk Golf Course

If you are looking for a public course that offers a challenge yet is playable, and has great value, head down to the South Shore of Boston. I highly recommend Widows Walk Golf Course in Scituate, Massachusetts. If you want more information, here’s my Widows Walk Golf Course Review with NewEngland.golf.

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