Women’s Golf News: Lynn Cotter Joins NewEngland.Golf Writing Team

I am happy to announce that in addition to running Lynn on the Links, I have joined the writing team at NewEngland.Golf, part of a national golf media online publication.


Topics will range from golf course reviews, travel, lifestyle, and women’s golf. It is an exciting opportunity that I am looking forward to, especially to help further grow the game and follow my passion. Read Press Release.

What I love about this newest venture is that I found it through golf.

Golf is amazing!

I know, you hear this a lot from me.

However, this is a great example of how golf connects people and provides opportunities.

I played in a foursome over a month ago with the LPGA Amateurs (previously known as the EWGA or Executive Women’s Golf Association) and as I was chatting about Lynn on the Links, one of the ladies in my group said her husband was the owner of a golf media company.

What are the chances?

And we traded business cards and the rest is history.

Business on the golf course has been conducted on the golf course for years. Women can get in on this as well, and it can be done very naturally because of the setting that golf provides. Read my article on Business and Golf.

What is even more amazing is that as a female, we stand out as being unique because there just aren’t that many of us that play.

I am really excited and happy to have found this opportunity. The thing about golf is that it provides a unique way to connect people in a manner that you can’t find – even in the workplace.

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Women’s Golf News: Lynn Cotter Joins NewEngland.Golf Writing Team

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