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The Best Quality Blenders and Juicers That I Love


I have been blending for the last 10 years and I have had several different brands.  But, I finally splurged and paid the hefty amount on a good quality blender and have been happy with it for the last 5 years already.

If you are in the market for a good quality long-lasting blender, the Vitamix is the one that I recommend. 

There are so many uses for it in my cooking and it is a workhorse in the kitchen.

We make smoothies probably 3-4  times a week, especially in the Summer.

I use it for making everything from juices, smoothies, homemade sauces, dressings, dips, and soups.

Dishes like hummus, green goddess dressing, and carrot ginger soup.

I love the feature that allows you to actually keep the soup warm and heated while blending.

The model I have also allows you to clean the blender with some water and drop of dish soap, which is great for cleaning and ease of use.

I have had mine for about 8 years now and it has not disappointed and is still going strong.

The price tag is definitely on the higher side but if you are going to be using it a lot, then it is worth the price.

There are also various models that are cheaper when looking at your specific needs.  You can find the Vitamix blender that I have here –  Vitamix Blender.





Recommended Juicers



Breville Juice Fountain Plus


I have had a few different juicers over the years.  

My first juicer was fast and easy to clean and produced a lot of juice which I liked because I could share it with my husband and place it in mason jars and drink during the day.  

It used centrifugal spinning technology and was easy in that I didn’t have to do much prep work either.  

As long as the vegetables and fruit fit in the top chute, I could feed in whole carrot sticks, halved apples, quartered beets and full stalks of celery.  

This juicer was I used was the Breville Juice Fountain Plus found here.



Masticating Juicer


Because I had done some research on juicing and wanted to get a masticating juicer, I now use the  Tribest Slowstar Masticating Juicer  .  

I highly recommend this one and just love it.  

I did a lot of research when upgrading because I wanted to get a juicer that was a masticating juicer.  

Masticating juicers help to preserve the nutritional value in the vegetables and fruits because of the cold press technology it uses.  

The Tribest Slowstar also comes with a “multi-purpose mincer and homogenizer to create fresh, raw recipes like sorbets, nut butters, salsas, and sauces”.  

I have used mine for just 3 years now and it is still in great shape.  Though it has more parts than the Breville, it is still fairly easy to clean.  

The biggest difference I noticed when I upgraded or changed over was that the noise level was much quieter and there was less foam on top after juicing.  

If you are in a hurry, it still is pretty quick, but not as fast as a centrifugal juicer.  

Also, I always need to cut up my vegetables and fruit now into small enough pieces for the juicer to work efficiently.  I don’t mind doing this as I actually find it to be somewhat therapeutic, but it definitely is something to think about if you need something fast.  

You can find more information and the Tribest Slowstar here.




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