Blog Post – Golf Practice at Home & My First Podcast

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My first official Lynn on the Links Blog Post.

I hope you are doing ok and hanging in there during this unprecedented time. I know for me it has been really surreal and tough at times.

As my mom used to tell me, “keep your face to the sunshine and things will be ok”. With this, I am trying to be positive with the state of things.

For my family, we have not had this family time together for a long time. It made me think about how time flies when we are so busy with our day to day activities and schedules.

So far, we have hiked in our local state park together, walked and climbed the rocks of our local beach, and now with the new directives, we are playing the classic board games like cards, monopoly, and scrabble. And it has actually been a lot of fun!

Golf Practice & Ideas You Can Do At Home

I have also been thinking about golf and how excited I am to get out there as soon as we are able. The last few posts on Lynn on the Links have been about getting ready for the season (for those who are in the colder regions). My most recent post is about how to practice golf at home inside or in your backyard. Here is the post on Golf Practice and Ideas You Can Do At Home.

Putting Practice At Home
Putting time with my dog!

I have noticed that there are also many online videos that are available. These include golf training, fitness and workout videos and lots of how-to videos. It can almost become addicting!

And all accessible via social media or online platforms like YouTube, Instagram’s IGTV, Netflix, Facebook, and yes even TikTok as my kids have shown me.


And podcasts are becoming so popular. I like listening to the golf podcasts and interviews with tour players, industry professionals or up and coming golfers.

There are podcasts out there on pretty much any topic you need. I should mention that I did my first podcast interview last month. A little scary for being a newbie, but I actually enjoyed it.

Lynn on the Links Podcast

The podcast was with Dr. Summer Watson, who is an empowerment coach supporting women in their personal or professional journeys. Have a look at her website and listen to the podcast here.

Staying Positive

I do hope you all stay healthy and keep a good mindset throughout this challenging and difficult time. Soon enough, we’ll all be back out there golfing together with our friends and social groups in the fresh outdoors and sunshine, and rehashing our rounds at the 19th hole.

Sending you all positive vibes – keep your face to the sunshine!





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Blog Post – Golf Practice At Home and My First Podcast


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