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Women on Course – A Women’s Golf Organization

Every now and then, you come across someone that is truly making a difference and is changing the way we think of doing things.

In the last several months working and meeting with various people in women’s golf and the golf industry, I feel like I have met that person.

Donna Hoffman, the Owner and Founder of Women on Course, an organization whose mission is to help women become more confident and comfortable with golf. 

Having worked closely with Ms. Hoffman on a few projects, I am thrilled to be a part of the Women on Course organization and have signed on recently as an Ambassador to further support their efforts.

My first impression of Ms. Hoffman was from an article I read in the LPGA Women’s Network, which named her a “Disruptor”, amongst a hefty group of female influencers in the women’s golf industry.  A group of women that are Spearheading a Revolution in Golf.  

Donn Hoffman, Founder of Women on Course

Webster’s dictionary defines a disruptor as one who “interrupts the normal course or unity of”, which to me means that these women are changing the course of how things are typically done in the golf industry, particularly women’s golf.  

This describes Ms. Hoffman to a tee!

She is not just an influencer, saying that she wants to grow this game, she is actually making significant changes in the world of women’s golf and she is doing it by using her unique perspective and experience.

She believes that golf can used as a tool for business connections and networking.  And for women particularly, business can be done outdoors in a lifestyle environment, and not in the office or boardroom.  

So how does one make change or move something so large…like a whole industry?

With an unwavering passion for something, she believes in.  

Having patience and sticking with it for the long haul.  

And taking it one day, one change at a time.

Ms. Hoffman’s organization, Women on Course has been around for almost 15 years and she works tirelessly, creating opportunities for women to connect and to feel more comfortable and confident in a “golf environment”.  

She does this out of a love for what she does and the impact she is making.  You can see it from her work and from those members who have had the opportunity to meet her.  They speak of her with reverence and respect and yet speak to her like a friend.

Donna Hoffman and Women on Course Networking

Because Women on Course has been around for many years, the organization has amassed a reach of over 20,000 women. It is not surprising to have met many individuals who know the name Women on Course, whether as a past member, current member or as an attendee at an event.  

These events are all-encompassing.  Over 800 events per year are planned in 15 + markets or regions across the United States and new markets are opening up and actively growing.  

Women on Course Women's Golf Having Fun

The events include everything from Learn to Swing Clinics, Play 4 holes Plus Clinic, Indoor Sip & Swing Socials, 9 & Wines, Ladies’ Golf Trips all over the world, Signature Socials & Events, as well as corporate networking, and leadership workshops to help with personal growth and empowerment.  

Yes, they have something for every type of golfer and even non-golfers.  

Non-golfers have the benefit of joining Women on Course for the 19th Hole, consisting of business networking and leadership workshops. 

Ms. Hoffman has teamed up with Tina Cross, Women on Course National Chairperson. Together, they bring together their respective experiences and focus on providing women in business and entrepreneurs with the tools to connect and create business opportunities and relationships.

Women on Course 19th Hole Social Networking

Women on Course Women's Golf Fun

Ms. Hoffman has been named a “disruptor” in the world of women’s golf for a reason.  

Through her efforts, along with those she partners with, we are changing the game for women everywhere. 

Women on Course, A Women's Golf Organization

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Women on Course – A Women’s Golf Organization

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