Nailed Golf – Women’s Golf Glove Review

Women’s Golf Fashion – Golf Gloves Made Specifically for Women

Have you ever thought about your golf gloves and how they fit? Up until recently, I didn’t really think too much about it.

Except that my golf gloves are usually pretty worn in because I find when I buy a brand new glove, they are always so tight and stiff that it takes a while to break them in. And then once they are worn in, I want to keep it forever because I like the feel.

Well, I think I have found the answer to my golf glove dilemma.

Enter Shelley West, from Nailed Golf, who has designed and created golf gloves specifically for women that are soft and pliable and steeped in comfort and already feel like they are worn in.

Standing at almost 6 feet tall, Shelley always found it so hard to find not only golf outfits and clothes that fit her, but also golf gloves that fit her long slender fingers.

Men’s golf gloves were always too wide and bulky for her hands. She realized that many of the golf gloves on the market were designed more for men than for women.

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Designing a Golf Glove for Women By a Woman

So, she decided to take it into her own hands (my husband’s puns are rubbing off on me!)) and design and create her own line of women’s golf gloves.

I love how women like Shelley are stepping forward and making a difference in women’s golf. She couldn’t find what she needed so she saw an opportunity to bring value to the industry and make a change.

As I talk to more and more individuals in the business of golf, it is not an easy task to bring new products to this market either. It is a steep learning curve that takes lot of patience, belief in yourself, confidence and follow-through.

Her company, Nailed Golf, offers a golf glove that has a softer more natural feel with a customized and tailored fit.

We no longer have to continue wearing the stiffer, more masculine or bulky golf gloves that are made for men. Nope. These gloves fit a women’s hands and are designed to be a bit slimmer in the fingers and are made with soft, smooth quality Cabretta leather that are amazingly comfortable.

Nailed Golf Womens Golf Gloves

Nailed Golf Glove Sizing and Design Options

You can choose an array of different accent colors on your golf glove so you can be stylish and match your golf outfits.

Shelley’s initial golf glove design was to account for women with long slender fingers like hers, which she calls the Elegance Collection. In addition, she offers a Luxury Collection, which are great for a more standard size, as well as smaller hands, like mine. Also in her lineup is a youth glove for junior golfers.

These golf gloves come in a few more sizing options than the typical S, M & L. And she carries gloves for both right and left hands.

Oh and I can’t forget to mention her ingenious “Tip-Free” Ladies’ Golf Glove Collection which accommodates nicely manicured hands and fingernails.

Here are the different collections here with links so you can find out more information.

Nailed Golf Women’s Premium Golf Gloves – Standard & Elongated Sizes

Women's Golf Gloves - Nailed Golf Colors
Luxury Collection Nailed Golf Women's Golf Gloves

Nailed Golf “Tip Free” Women’s Golf Gloves

Tipless Golf Gloves

Cabretta Leather – the Gold Standard in Golf Gloves

I didn’t realize until I actually tried these on, that golf gloves could feel so soft and comfortable just out of the packaging.

The leather used in Nailed Golf’s designs are made with the best leather out there – a soft Cabretta leather that makes for an exceptional feel, which is really important when you are out on the golf course.

Shelley mentioned to me that Cabretta leather offers superior breathability while reducing extra moisture and helps keep perspiration to a minimum.

Caring for your Golf Gloves

The best way to take care of this premium leather and to extend the quality and life of your golf glove is to take your gloves off every 6 or 7 holes.

This allows the leather breathe and air out a bit and helps to wick away any moisture.

After your round is finished, it is always best to store them flat so they can air out and maintain the soft suppleness and will be ready to be worn again for your next round on the course.

Check out the really cute golf glove bag and holder that you attach to your golf bag and hang your glove on. It makes it a lot easier to store your glove properly when not wearing it.

Golf Glove Bag & Holder

Golf Glove Holder

My Final Thoughts on Nailed Golf Ladies Golf Gloves

These are a game-changer for me. It is interesting how I have golfed for over 25 years and have just accepted the fact that a golf glove is a golf glove.

But, the golf glove is the closest connection from your all-important hands to your golf club and can have an affect on your golf shot.

They say grip is one of the most important aspects of your golf game and you want to make sure the feel from your golf glove is snug, tailored and comfortable.

One thing that I do that is unique is I wear two golf gloves.

Yes, one on each hand. I know some people who don’t wear a glove at all, but I actually love the feel of having a golf glove on each hand as it gives me more traction and a more solid feel when gripping the club.

The real reason though for wearing a glove on each hand is that I dislike having one hand darker and dryer than the other.

I have naturally dry skin and the hand that was always unprotected would become darker, dryer, with sunspots by the end of the Summer. I tested a few sun protection type gloves which were a bit strange feeling and I did not care for the feel of them.

So, several years ago, I switched over to wearing a glove on each hand.

What I really like about the Nailed Golf gloves is the overall feel as they fit my hands really well, are soft and comfortable straight out of the packaging (so no having to wear them in), and are much lighter than a typical glove.

This can be especially significant in the heat of the Summer when the temperatures rise and the humidity sets in.

I’d love to hear what you think, so comment below with your thoughts.

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