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Lynn on the Links – A Golf Website and Blog



Welcome to Lynn on the Links, created as a golf resource and website for women who are either interested in playing, want to learn more, or who want to improve their games.  

Golf is such an amazing activity, sport, past time, and hobby and there aren’t too many resources or communities out there for females.  

With a passion for golf as an amateur and recreational player, who has played for almost 30 years, I decided that I want to help add inspire others.

Having played for so long, there are many things that come much easier now, but golf is the kind of game that will constantly challenge you and yet provides so much to anyone who wants to play.  It can be something different for everyone.

If you are new to golf, definitely check out my Women’s Beginner Golf section where I provide lots of golfing tips to those brand new to the game.  Helpful topics such as Golf Etiquette, Basic Terminology, Proper Golf Attire, etc.

And if you would like to join our community of golfers, feel free to join the Beginner Golf for Women Facebook Group for more engagement and support from me as well as other golfers. 

If you are interested in knowing what to purchase as far as women’s golf clubs, golf balls, equipment, and accessories be sure to head over to these sections where I provide guides on what to look for as well as frequently asked questions.

I am constantly adding new content so if you would like to receive updates and the latest posts, as well as a Free Golf Guide, you can sign up for the newsletter here.  I try to only send out emails every couple of weeks.  (I don’t like to be bombarded with emails either :)).  

I hope you find what you need here at Lynn on the Links.  Be sure to reach out and contact me if you have any ideas or comments.  I’d love to hear them.




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