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Golf Activities To Do At Home

Tips for Golf Practice & Activities At Home

Try these golf activities and practice drills at home without having to head to the range or golf course.      Make use of your time at home and improve your golf game.  There are many activities, drills and even

Set Golf Goals for Improvement

Best Golf Tip – Set Goals and Lower Your Score

By setting specific golf goals, you can set yourself up for success for improving your golf game. With everything going on right now in the world and we are stuck at home and inside for many, this is a great

Easy Ways to Improve Your Score

How to Improve Your Handicap and Golf Game

Shave strokes off your golf score and improve your golf game.   It’s not always about improving your distance off the tee or perfecting your fairway wood shot.  For years, that was my focus.  I’d head to the driving range

Take the First Step in Golf

Golf – Taking That First Step

Golf Success Starts With That First Step January is one of the coldest months here in the New England area of the United States.  Temperatures often dip down to the single digits for several weeks and it can be snowy

winter golf

9 Ways to Play Your Best Winter Golf

Here are 9 strategies to playing your best golf in the winter. The month of October is when the golf course becomes quieter and the leagues and golf groups start to wind down their official golf season. I always feel

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