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World Amateur Golf WAGC

Travel the World, Compete & Have Fun!

Compete In Amateur Golf Tournaments Around the World I had to share this!  I just found out about it and it is such an amazing opportunity if you love to golf, love to compete and are a recreational amateur golfer. 

Women on Course Women's Golf Having Fun

Women on Course – Golf, Wine, Travel

Women on Course – A Women’s Golf Organization Every now and then, you come across someone that is truly making a difference and is changing the way we think of doing things. In the last several months working and meeting

Take the First Step in Golf

Golf – Taking That First Step

Golf Success Starts With That First Step January is one of the coldest months here in the New England area of the United States.  Temperatures often dip down to the single digits for several weeks and it can be snowy

Golf in Business

Golf in Business – Building Business Relationships

Golf and Business and How It Can Be Helpful in Your Career Golf is a wonderful way to network and do business outside of the office.  According to an article from Forbes Magazine, 90% of Fortune 500 CEO’s play golf. 

Reasons to Play Golf Photo

10 Reasons Why You Should Play Golf

The Benefits of Golf and Why People Love it So Much When I meet up with friends and colleagues, our conversations always lead to the topic of golf.   Mainly because people know that I love the game. And those

winter golf

9 Ways to Play Your Best Winter Golf

Here are 9 strategies to playing your best golf in the winter. The month of October is when the golf course becomes quieter and the leagues and golf groups start to wind down their official golf season. I always feel

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