Women’s Golf Tips

Average Distances for Women in Golf

Golf Club Distances for Women

Golf Club Distances and Driving Distance for Females Distance in the golf game is all the rage right now in golfing news and entertainment. Leading the charge is Bryson DeChambeau, who has made some huge changes in his distance and

Women's Golf Website - Lynn on the Links

Women’s Golf Website – Lynn on the Links

Providing Golf Inspiration for Women’s Golf 1 year ago in 2019, I embarked on a golf journey of sorts. With a very strong passion and pretty much an addiction for golf, Lynn on the Links was born. The mission: to

Proper Golf Attire for Women

Proper Golf Attire for Women

What Women Wear on the Golf Course – Beginner’s Guide Knowing the proper golf attire for women is very important in the game of golf. The good thing is, it has changed since year’s past when golf’s attire was much

Golf Etiquette 101

Golf Etiquette 101 for Beginner Golfers

Golf For Beginners – Golf Etiquette You Need To Know One of the most complex and unique things about the game of golf is “golf etiquette”. And if you are new to golf, this can be confusing and make many

Playing Golf in Hot Weather

Golfing in Hot Weather

How to Beat the Heat and Stay Cool Golfing in Hot Weather Golfing in hot weather can be dangerous if you are not prepared. I learned a few Summers ago what that was like. It was not fun as I

Golf Terms for Beginners

Golf Terminology for Beginners

Golf Terms That Every Beginner Golfer Should Know Golf is simply hitting a golf ball into a hole hundreds of yards away. LOL, yes simple in its objective, however, there is much to learn as a new golfer just starting

Easy Ways to Improve Your Score

How to Improve Your Handicap and Golf Game

Shave strokes off your golf score and improve your golf game.   It’s not always about improving your distance off the tee or perfecting your fairway wood shot.  For years, that was my focus.  I’d head to the driving range

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