Women’s Golf Tips

Kay McMahon

Kay McMahon – EduKaytion Golf

Co-Founder of Golf 8.5 and Golf Teaching Innovator I love to connect with others, especially women in the golf industry. These women are true innovators and are changing the game of golf. Recently I had the opportunity to meet and

Golf on a Budget

Top 57 Tips To Golf on a Budget

The Best Ways to Make Golf More Affordable Golf can be expensive. Think about what is needed to play. To start with, you’ll need golf clubs and a bag, shoes, apparel, balls, tees, gloves, lessons and instruction. Oh and don’t

winter golf

9 Ways to Play Your Best Winter Golf

Here are 9 essential winter golf tips to increase your enjoyment when the weather dips. When fall and winter arrive, it’s not time to put those clubs away. I used to feel a bit nostalgic as the colder temperatures arrived. 

Average Distances for Women in Golf

Golf Club Distances for Women

Golf Club Distances and Driving Distance for Females Distance in the golf game is all the rage right now in golfing news and entertainment. Leading the charge is Bryson DeChambeau, who has made some huge changes in his distance and

Women's Golf Website - Lynn on the Links

Women’s Golf Website – Lynn on the Links

Providing Golf Inspiration for Women’s Golf 1 year ago in 2019, I embarked on a golf journey of sorts. With a very strong passion and pretty much an addiction for golf, Lynn on the Links was born. The mission: to

Proper Golf Attire for Women

Proper Golf Attire for Women

What Women Wear on the Golf Course – Beginner’s Guide Knowing the proper golf attire for women is very important in the game of golf. The good thing is, it has changed since year’s past when golf’s attire was much

Golf Etiquette 101

Golf Etiquette 101 for Beginner Golfers

Golf For Beginners – Golf Etiquette You Need To Know One of the most complex and unique things about the game of golf is “golf etiquette”. And if you are new to golf, this can be confusing and make many

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